Eurovision Winner to be Chosen Today!

_42881365_switz203Today in class, we previewed many of the contestants for this year’s Eurovision Song contestan uniquely European version of American Idol where bands represent their nation in a musical competition.  The BBC predicts that Germany will be this year’s champion, while we particularly enjoyed DJ Bobo of Switzerland. 

One of the interesting things that we noticed was that many of the musicians selected from other countries had songs and bands that resembled the songs and bands in the United States.  We wondered whether or not this was a result of Americanization—and whether we should be concerned when another country loses its own musical traditions because they are modeling after our work. 

While we were studying the Eurovision entries, we came across a great National Geographic website called People and Places that gives tons of information about individual countries including musical clips from popular bands and short video clips on sites of interest. 

If you ever are required to do projects on individual countries, you should bookmark People and Places on your computer because it is a great resource for studying the world. 

Rock on,

Bam Bam Bigelow

Chief Editor (and teacher)

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  1. littlelamb bam-bam says:

    bim bam and people who did the the blurb last year don’t worry we will keep the blurb alive this year.we will do better!

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