To Cull or Not To Cull-That is the Question

Elephant In South Africa, officials have decided to start an elephant cull.  This is because over the past few years, the elephant population has almost gone too far for the carrying capacity.  So South Africa’s "great" idea was to start an elephant cull.  They kill the elephants by shooting them with a tranquilizer gun an then finishing them off with a bullet to the head. 

This is South Africa’s way of trying to control the food chain.  This can sometimes be a dangerous thing to do, because it messes up the food chain even more than it already was, and mother nature would take care of the problem anyways!

So the critical question is: Is the elephant cull a good idea, or is it a cruel and harmful thing?

So what do you think?  Should South Africa stop its cull or is it a good solution to the problem?  Leave us a comment and share your thinking, and join us again soon on the Blurb!

Listen to what we think here:

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Pooh Bear and Raggedy Anne

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3 Responses to To Cull or Not To Cull-That is the Question

  1. Pooh Bear says:

    I think that we shouldn’t kill off a bunch of elephants because we could end up killing off too many elephants and destroying the food chain. We caused this problem int he first place so I don’t think that we should try and fix it because we’ll probably mess it up again. I think that we should just let nature take itss course because it can usually handle a crisis like this a lot better than humans can.
    ~Pooh Bear

  2. King Big Papi II says:

    It is cruel, harmful, and mean to do. What did the elephants ever do to Africa? I think it is just plain out stupid!

  3. Lets leave those por elephants in their place . Why do we have to overrule everything ?

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