Arguing against Spongebob’s Argument….

_41523572_kids_indexThough all of the current events this week were interesting and very important—-including the closing of Venezuela’s television station that Spongebob argued about—the one current event that stands out to me is malnutrition in Choco, Colombia.  I didn’t think that elephants being culled was a problem because they had a solution to the problem.  They already had started on the cull and were beginning to have some success. 

Hugo Chavez shutting down the only private television station left in Venezuela was somewhat significant, but not as significant as the people in Colombia dying off because of what could be bad nutrition.  In Borneo, finding rare rhinos on tape was very interesting, but not as important.  Now scientists have an idea about where the rhinos are and can begin conserving them. 

In Columbia, 37 kids died in 2 months.  Not only were they kids, but they were natives to Colombia.  Another bad factor of this situation was that the kids and their families lived in inaccessible jungle regions.  People also believed that part of the malnutrition was from unfit drinking water.  If you’re in an inaccessible jungle region and dying from unfit drinking water, it will be hard to get water that is good for you. 

This is why people should start figuring out ways not only to get healthy water, but supply these people with the necessary equipment to survive.  Since it is such a bad situation in Choco, Columbia, the current event about those people is the most important.

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4 Responses to Arguing against Spongebob’s Argument….

  1. Skip Rope says:

    How about sending some of those culled elephants to the dinner table in Cambodia?
    Just a thought…

  2. peoples says:

    Why are current events less important if they are solutions? The world isn’t just about problems. Maybe no one would watch the news if they said “The world is a pretty and happy place with kitty cats and ponies”, beleive it or not, solutions are what solve and get rid of problems. If we shouldn’t care about solutions, why give poor Columbians fresh water or equipment to survive? After all, those are solutions.
    The truth is, without solutions there would continue to be more and more elehents, less rhinos, less private news stations, and more starving people. However, bad news is more interesting. Is it a bad thing if we glance right over the bright side of things?

  3. superfruitwizard says:

    why do we do bad things that are happining in the world becuase there is alot of good current events is going on and there also intresting?????

  4. superfruitwizard says:

    why cant we post some good things around the world that are intresting insted of bad things?

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