The Real Live Jungle Book…

Nukak1I personally believe that the most important current event that we have looked at in the past week took place in Colombia, where the indigenous Nukak Maku are being exterminated.  As the war between FARC and the government escalates, the hunter-gatherer society of the Nukak Maku have been caught in the crossfire.  Roughly 400 Nukak Maku remain. 

One reason for my belief is that FARC needs to be stopped.  FARC’s drug selling is horrible and completely inhumane.  If FARC takes over the Nukak Maku’s land, they will continue to grow.  Not only that, but if the Nukak Maku die off, their rare and unique society will disappear.  They are one of the few hunter-gatherer societies left.  Through them, modern humans can learn more about past civilizations in the hopes that we might have a brighter understanding of the past.

My most important reason, however, is that the Nukak are people too.  They aren’t a bunch of mindless creatures that people can do whatever they want with.  They shouldn’t be saved just because they are unique.  They should be saved because they have a right to live.

What do you think about the Nukak Maku?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb.


Doink the Clown

Image retrieved from on May 24, 2007


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