Tipsy Tots and Teens…

Pubmug_lgWe learned about an interesting law today in the United Kingdom that says that children over the age of 5 are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages at their home but not in public.  Children over the age of 16 can drink in public as long as the beverages are purchased for them. 

This could result in many young kids getting drunk.  But then again, if they get drunk at their house, it’s affecting only them and it’s not affecting anyone else. 

So do you think that kids under the age of 21 should be allowed to drink, or should this be illegal like it is in our country?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_78_tipsy_teens.mp3

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Pooh Bear and Jub Jub the Milk Jug

Image retrieved from on May 31, 2007


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