GoodbyeThis year has been a great year for us Blurbers.  Looking at what we have done over the year really amazes me.  We have improved so much. A paragraph I will never forget is "Who Are Heroes?" It was just a great thing to write about because Peoples was right! At least I think so. It also got a lot of attention too, so I guess you agree that it was great. We also had a lot of arguments posted on the Blurb about the Heroes’ paragraph too.

So many people have worked hard on our creation. I would just like to thank all of the people who put time and effort into this. You have made this a terrific website where people can see what is happening in the world.

We still haven’t decided what we are going to do with the Blurb.  Bam Bam Bigelow says that right now we are going to save it and have next year’s batch of cyberkids work on it.  He also said that he might send it with us to our next grade.  One thing’s for sure:  If we keep the Blurb alive and give it to the next kids, the students can never be as good as we were! 


(I hope we get to keep The Blurb next year!)

We even recorded a going away message.  It’s a bit random—but that’s really nothing new for us!  Check it out:

Download blurbcast_81_final.mp3

Well—-for now, we’re off for the summer!  We hope to see you again when The Blurb returns at the beginning of August.  Until then, have a great summer and look out for us next year.


Beach Party Barbie and the Blurbers!

Image retrieved from on June 7, 2007


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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One Response to FINAL POST…For now!

  1. Skip Rope says:

    Love the counter for the Blurb’s return.
    I will miss the the regular contributors to the Blurb but you have set forth a big challenge to the next crew of Blurbers.
    Look forward to the next post 1 month, 22 days, 16 hours, 37 minutes and 10 seconds from now.
    Have a great summer,
    —and yes I did make it all the way to the end of your last blurbcast. I can definately tell it is time for you all to get out of that classroom! haha…

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