So you think YOU can dance?

Hca2005During the course of the school year last year, my students got hooked on Dancing Matt, a guy who has gained notariety for his random dancing at world landmarks.  Videos of Matt have been uploaded to dozens of internet websites, including this video which shows Matt dancing in front of world landmarks in almost 50 countries

When my students found out that I was travelling to Denmark for a week this summer, they begged me to do my very own "Dancing Matt" video somewhere during my travels….and I did!  I chose to "get my groove on" at a very famous statue of Hans Christian Andersen, who was a Danish writer best known for fairy tales like The Little Mermaid

Hans is a Danish hero, I think….considering that there are dozens of statues of him all over the country.  This particular statue was found in Copenhagen, the capital city of DenmarkHis hometown, Odense, has four different statues of Hans himself, and several other statues of famous characters from his fairy tales.   

If you’re one of my students, you’re probably thinking, "So where’s the video already?"

Here it is.  Consider right clicking on the file and saving it to your desktop before playing it.  You’ll get to see it quicker that way, and I know you can hardly wait:

View the Random Dancing Here

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of the funk that I laid down.  I’m quite proud of my crazy skillz. 


Bam Bam Bigelow

PS…Over time, I’m going to create an entire website full of video clips that I took while in Denmark.  I actually learned a ton and want to share it with you.  I’ll keep you posted when the site is ready to be seen!

PPS…You can’t see it in my video, but I actually scared away several tourists who were watching my dance.  I’m not sure why, but many ran away.  I think they realized that I was going to easily win any dance competition….that’s how good I was.

Image retrieved from on June 25, 2007.


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10 Responses to So you think YOU can dance?

  1. sam i am says:

    Ha ha Mr. F! You can see the two bikers in the background giving you weird looks! I hope you had a great time and I got your postcard. Don’t scare your students next year to much.
    -Sam I Am

  2. Birty Bott Every Flavor Bean says:

    Hey, Bam Bam. I am going to miss you so much next year.
    See, i am going to a different cyberspace school next year. The danceing made me laugh so hard i cried. thanks for being the best cyberteather i ever had. I loved the post card you sent me. Your the best!!!!!!!!
    Birty Bott Every Flavor Bean

  3. Doughnut Napper 1 says:

    Heyy Mr.F,
    I really miss being in your class. It was so much fun. This year none of my teachers have a good sense of humor like you did. I hope your class is good to you this year. (they’ll never top us) I hope they don’t kill you like you said we were going to last year. I am definetly going to pop into your room once in a while to say hey to my favorite teacher. I hope you have an awesome year.
    The Doughnut Napper Mastermind
    BTW: Make sure you keep the blurb living

  4. Royanne Baer says:

    This is not a direct comment so much as a question and request for help. I found your blog through a link from a link from a link…(you get the idea). I am a social studies teacher in SC and would like to create a classroom blog and really love your blog. It is very engaging and interesting to read. Who are you? Can you (the moderator/teacher) contact me to answer some questions (like how you went about structuring the guidelines, etc.)? I am trying to incorporate the internet into my class on ancient civilizations with 6th graders. Thank you so much for any help or suggestions you can give me.

  5. google eyes says:

    To all of Bam Bams class I can’t wait until you start adding new content to our world famous websight. Now this websight is all in your hands, remember, to always add new content.
    To bam bam I may be in a new grade level and with other teachers, but I will never forget the year that you have given me. Thanks for giving me such a good year. I can’t wait to read what current events you guys diside to post.
    Google eyes

  6. Anna p says:

    Hi Mr . F! I can’t wait to get started on the blurb, cause…it’s on the internet! (fine, and because it’s educational…)See ya tomorrow!

  7. Alex F says:

    Hey Bam Bam!
    I can’t wait to make podcasts and stuff… it should be really fun! I love mdern technology so it’s a perfect match!
    I might even get some of our casts of itunes! 🙂

  8. The Blooper says:

    Yo Bam Bam I really liked your dancing matt type video clip. It was so funny i almost wet my pants (but i got to the bathroom quick enough). Maybe someday I’ll make my own dancing matt video. Well see ya tomorrow!
    The Blooper

  9. Pooh Bear says:

    Bam Bam you are so funny and everybody who was in the streets was probably looking at you like you were crazy but im glad u did it because it was really funny! I miss the pink panthers and i want to let all of the students that Bam Bam has this yaer that you will have so much fun and that you guys are lucky to have as good a teacher as Bam Bam! I miss you all and thank you so much for doing that for us Bam Bam! It was very entertaining!
    -Pooh Bear

  10. used to be blurber says:

    hehe wow Mr. Ferriter u really made my day! Ur dance was very good. Next time I go to another Country im most defintly doing some crazy dance infront of an important statue. So far i really miss u this year.

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