To The Blurb Nation…

Smile All I have to say is that I’m blown away.  You see, our current Blurbers have made one post and they’ve already gotten about 10 messages of good luck and best wishes from former Blurbers and Opus-ers. 

That has completely made my day—and made me proud times twenty!  You see, last year’s group were the first kids at Cyberschool to start blogging and podcasting…and as the first group, they did a completely amazing job.  We were recognized by Will Richardson, we represented our county at Legislative School Technology Day, and we had over 50 subscribers. 

You guys were GOOD!  And you left a model for this year’s kids to follow—-they’ll be better students and better podcasters because they’ve got your model to follow. 

And that’s cool.

I miss all of you at least as much as you miss me, and I hope you’ll keep visiting and keep leaving my kids comments.  You know how much fun it is to hear from listeners, right? 

And ask us some challenging questions.  Listen to our points of view and make us think again.  Demonstrate your brilliance time after time and constantly remind me of why I like you so much!

You guys made my day,

Bam Bam Bigelow

Image retrieved from on September 6, 2007


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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3 Responses to To The Blurb Nation…

  1. Jake L says:

    Finaly Ur back!!!!! i have been waiting for new stuff and at first i lost hope but now THE BLURB IS BACK!!!!! cant wait 2 see some new world events!
    -Jake L

  2. 15cent says:

    Welcome back and I hope all of you have a great year and have as much fun as we did. Best of luck!!!!!!!!!

  3. Minnie Mouse says:

    Hey blurburs,
    So glad you are back!!! Lets see if you can do better than we did! Your stuff looks preety good so far. Keep going at it.

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