The Largest Food Fight Ever!!!

51518921_540571053e_o La Tomatina is the biggest food flight in the world. Up to 40,000 people come every year for this amazing event. This event takes place in Bunol, Spain. It all started when a bunch of kids started throwing tomatoes at a parade character with a big head, and the man defended himself by throwing more tomatoes. This festival starts with a ham stuck on the top of a soapy, giant pole.   When someone has captured the ham the tomato fight begins.  It is one hour of pure mayhem.

Download la_tomatina.mp3

Would you be interested in participating in this festival, or would you stay miles away?  Remember your snorkel and swimming goggles and be sure to leave a comment.


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7 Responses to The Largest Food Fight Ever!!!

  1. Big Foot says:

    Wow, this is quite interesting. Bull running, food fighting, what is Spain doing over there? Well, I enjoy adventure, chaos, and the like, so knowing my personality, I would definitely partake in this event. It seems fun, but I would definitely wear some protective gear to ensure my own safety. Good topic to discuss, guys.
    Big Foot

  2. King Kong says:

    I also agree that this little tomato foodfight is one hour of pure mayhem!

  3. Fergus says:

    That would be really cool to go to Spain and participate in that crazy festival. I wish I could.

  4. THE JOKER says:

    I wonder what the farmers that grew the crops think about La Tomatatina? because the people in spain aren’t eating them they are making a food fight with the tamatos!which I think is crazy!

  5. Shakesphere says:

    Pure mayhem, although this would be great don’t you think that this may get out of hand. There is also almost no drought that someone would get hurt. Another reason agents it is that if it is so great then why do schools not allow food fights, is it because they want to be mean? Or because they know people will get out of control and others will get hurt.
    Good reasons are that in Spain it shows some culture, and how people want to have fun. It would be nice to have a day off to splat a tomato in someone’s face.
    It would also do the country good in tourism. In the other comments you see people wanting to go to it, and I would too.

  6. Bubbles says:

    That is so cool!! It would be so fun to participate in La Tomatina!!

  7. Skip Rope says:

    My mother would have a fit!
    Growing up if we didn’t finish or like our dinner there was always a third world country that would graciously eat it.
    Now…you tell me that they are just throwing perfectly good tomatoes to show culture and have fun.
    I can only say one thing…
    Sorry Mom- I’m heading to Spain for the tomato fight!

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