What’s In a Name…Patriot Day

Flag As our country reflects back on the horrors of September 11, 2001, we were struck by the name of this national day.  On September 11 we heard an announcement from our principal asking us to join in a moment of silence and to think about our country on this Patriot Day.  This got us thinking about the name the day was given.  Why do you think the government choose to call September 11 Patriot Day?  Check out our podcast and be sure to leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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MC, GO, AQ and GF


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4 Responses to What’s In a Name…Patriot Day

  1. Shakesphere says:

    Not only why is this a holoday but WHY DON’T WE GET OUT OF SCHOOL!?!

  2. Doughnut Napper says:

    Hey Blurbers,
    I have a idea about why they call it patriot day. A patriot is a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country. So I was thinking that they call it patriot day because they’re honoring all the people who risked there lives or almost risked the in 9/11 trying to save people and defending our country. Awesome post guys. I have a question are you guys still going to do finding Fred and Bob? I hope so they go a lot of hit last year and they were so much fun.

  3. Skip Rope says:

    To me, Patriot day represents a day when the citizens of the United States all realized how close together we all really are. Everyone rallied together either financially or physically to help out and also to mourn our fallen heroes and innocent people killed in NY, Washington, and Pennsylvania.
    This show of patriotism I believe helped define what Patriot Day is today.

  4. 99 and one half says:

    I think that our president named Sept. 11 Patriots Day because on Sept. 11, our Patriots, or Americans were killed. So Sept. 11 is a day made to honor the Patriots who died in the Twin Towers. Of course, there is always the chance that our president is a New England Patriots fan, and one of their players was killed that day. I haven’t done much studying on the topic, but I would like to know if any sports players got injured or killed during Sept. 11.
    99 and one half
    P.S., Please add some of your own thoughts about why our current president named Sept. 11 Patriots Day.

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