You Can Be Spidey Too!

SpidermanToday in our class in cyberspace, we learned (and discussed the idea), and asking that if it was a good idea or bad idea that professors in Turin, Italy are creating the first prototype Spiderman suit like the one worn by Toby Maguire (Peter Parker) in the movies. The way that they are going to make their product work and climb up walls is by studying the way that geckos are able to stick to walls, and ultimately trying to copy that idea. They will have to use special material for the actual suit called "spider silk". 

This would be interesting invention and could have good uses but these suits could also be misused if they fell into the wrong hands. Good uses would be that the army could use it to scale walls and free prisoners or spy on people in high windows and they would not have to carry or use a rope. Also fireman could rescue people without having ladders. However, if a robber or a other criminal were to gain control of a suit they could use it to rob a bank or break into a high window or escape from police, so there are good and bad things about the suit.

Critical Question: The question we’re debating is whether or not it a good idea to put the time and money into this project, even with the pros and cons of the product?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_3_spidey_lives.mp3

So what do you think?  Is pursuing a real live Spidey suit a good idea or a waste of money?  Leave us a comment and join us again soon on The Blurb!


Spider Pig, Tommy Taco and Flying Onion Boy

Image retrieved from on September 13, 2007.


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4 Responses to You Can Be Spidey Too!

  1. Shakesphere says:

    Like a dream come true, being able to walk on walls like our hero
    But as you said they might get in the hands of a crimanal. SO WHAT! A gun could get in the hands of a crimanal, and they are still being made. I think everything has its own riskes. Like going outside, you never know. You could be having fun and suddenly POOF a bannana takes over the world. ok the banana was a little exaderate but still everything has its own risks.
    so should we ever risk ANYTHING! Or should we always stay in one place for the rest of our lives. and if we don’t make these, nobody will ever get to be spider man
    “Nothing can come of nothing.”
    Author: William Shakespeare

  2. linkknil3 says:

    it is really cool how people are inventing a suit to be like spiderman. imagine the possibilities… if your windows were unlocked but your door was locked, you could climb up to the window. I also agree with shakesphere that everything has its own risks. even video games. there is one person in china that died from playing video games for 3 days straight. you should put up a post about it.
    Keep up the good work new blurbers!
    ~an old blurber

  3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan says:

    Hey guys,
    Nice podcast. I think it would be greatly beneficial to have a spiderman suit because it would greatly help the US troops, but also the community heroes.(police, firefighters, etc..) It would be dangerous if put into the wrong hands, but if it was kept confidential and not sold widely, it would not get into the wrong hands. I hope Ouropus starts again….
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan

  4. imluvvedXOXO says:

    what ever happened to Our Opus?????

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