Beware the Pigeon and WATCH YOUR STEP!

Outipgns Have you ever been to Venice, Italy?  If you have watch out for the pigeons!  The huge population of pigeons is costing the residents of Venice 275 Euros a year.  That translates to 378 American Dollars.  The money is used to clean up the bird poop and fix the damage done to buildings.  To get rid of the birds the city will have to cut back on the pigeon’s food supply.  In 2000 a law was passed that made it illegal  to feed pigeons except in St. Mark’s Square.

Our critical question is, should the city of Venice all the public feeding of pigeons?  One side wants the pigeons gone, they cost a huge amount to clean up after and all of the that money is coming from residents, not the tourists who feed the birds.  The other side wants to keep the sellers in business.  The birdseed sellers are making good money on tourists and if a law was passed that banned all bird feeding then they would all be out of jobs.

Take a listen to our thoughts and be sure to leave a comment.

Download pigeon_poo.mp3

PS Don’t forget to watch where you step.


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3 Responses to Beware the Pigeon and WATCH YOUR STEP!

  1. ladyspartan07 says:

    Okay. I was in 6th grade last year and I did podcasts. Except i was compeating against the blurb. Podcasts are a lot of fun and they talk about some serious stuff. Like poo! I think that even though the birds are cause people to pay, that they should keep them. How are they going to move the birds anyway? Italy is their home and you can’t take your home away from you. How would you feel if yo didn’t have a place to live or use the restroom? Remember to respond and keep on doing podcasts because you never know who could open this page!!

  2. ladyspartan07 says:

    hey guys,
    great podcast but how do you get to the our opus site cause i was on that last year and i read some comments and they said the opus is goin’ down. i thought that you combined?

  3. Shakesphere says:

    My opinion on the pigion Poo is that they should have a cull on pigions. I don’t think that it is worth the time and money to clean up all of the crap that innoying birds made! So Bye-Bye Birdy

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