Track Out Rap #1

Gallery_2_2379_75871Sadly, our Cyberschool is on the year-round calendar this year.  For those of you who don’t know what that means, our school doesn’t get a summer vacation.  Instead, every 9 weeks, we get 3 weeks off.  From September 30th to October 28th, we’re tracked out.

Yup—that means we have no school.

And no school means you get no Blurbcasts!  (Or at least fewer Blurbcasts—we’ve got a few in storage for ya!)

We’ll all get through this.  It’ll be okay.  Cry all you want, but it won’t change anything.  Trust me, we’ve already tried that.  Heck, most of us won’t have any fun anyway, unless you consider changing your baby sister’s diapers to be fun!  (If you do, call us!  Our number is 1-800-YOU-WILL-FAINT-FROM-THE-SMELL!)

To get you through this difficult time, we’ve developed a bit of a gift for you:  A Track Out Rap by your favorite band in Cyberspace:  The Wicked Awesome Nacho Hot Dogs!

Check it out here:

Download blurbcast_9_track_out_rap_1.mp3

Want the lyrics so you can sing along?   Of COURSE you do!  Here they are:

Yo, it’s track out time

That’s the case;

We’re taking a break from Cyberspace!

But don’t you worry!

We’ll be in contact.

Cause when our word is heard,

There’s a great impact!

You know that we’re all sorry…

It really is our fault partly.

But I get to ride in a Ferrari!

Or maybe a Viper….

Oh no!  I have to change my sister’s diaper!


Dem rhymes is Dope, yo!


The Wicked Awesome Nacho Hot Dogs!

Image retrieved from on September 29, 2007


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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5 Responses to Track Out Rap #1

  1. Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway says:

    Sweet song, dogs! But can you make some Zambobwaynian songs? Zambobway is my country. It is in the Pacific ocean. Behind Hawaii.

  2. Skip Rope says:

    That was whack.
    The Nacho dogs are off da hook.
    Please keep them noodles readin n writin; not sure if the publik is shoutin out for that mad talent yet.

  3. mini bob says:

    i think the wicked awesome nacho hotdogs did a great job singing! keep it up!

  4. Monkey Dude here,
    me and my band will peform for Christmas Break. Oh, and for the Zambobwaynian dude, what is Zambobwaynian music?!? I mean, if I find out or you tell me (by leaving a comment) I will gladly do that type of song!!!!

  5. TubbyMcTubTub says:

    no offence or anything but im not sure the wicked awesome hotdogs are ready for public yet.

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