Greek Riot!!

_44070182_march_afp203bA group of Greeks whom have migrated from Nigeria rioted over a 20-year old Nigerian man’s death. This occurred in the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece during the third weekend of August. The man was selling pirated DVD’s, who felt like he was being chased by the police, so he jumped out of a window and died. The police officers called in the heavily armed police officers who threw tear gas at the group of rioters to push back the group of rioters to a manageable state.

The rioters showed up at the police station throwing stones and holding up a picture of the dead man. This first took place on Sunday when another group of rioters threw stones and chairs at police officers outside. The Greek Prefect Panayiotis Psomiadisis quoted saying,"The tragic death of the young man from Nigeria reminds us all of the difficult days we Greeks experienced a few decades ago when we emigrated to make a living."

This man’s story is he’s being chased by the police. What is the police’s side of the story? One of our sides of our argument is that the police should have acted more calmly. They should have approached him using the question and answer method. Yet I do believe the Nigerians handled this situation not as well as they could have. But the police are always trying to cover up after themselves which they probably did here.

The other side of this story is that the police did the right thing. The police would never lie to the public just to cover up someone who jumped off a building on his own account. We also know that the police said there were no police officers at the cafe at the time of the incident. This basically summarizes this Blurb event!

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2 Responses to Greek Riot!!

  1. flying onion boy says:

    Even if the police did approach him with the “question and answer method,” how do you know that he wouldn’t have acted the same? And maybe, that was what the police were actually doing. The details on the police’s side of the story are very sketchy, so you can’t come right out and make assumptions like that. It is not really fair to judge things and make assumptions if you only know half the story. But it is kind of odd that the migrant would fear the police so much that he would jump to his death, to avoid whatever the police was going to do to him. Something really bad must have happened to some migrant a while back, so bad that he would risk his life to avoid whatever that consequence may be.

  2. imluvvedXOXO says:

    i want opus!! u guys r good but opus was better. i think the police should have acted more calmly… the rioters were just doing what they thought was right….
    -with luv,

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