Little Bo Peep and Her Stinking Sheep!

BlacksheepToday, in class, we learned about a sheep protest that occurred in Madrid, Spain. On the BBC website, these pictures explain a lot and help to understand the entire problem better.

For fifteen years, this protest has been happening to help protect the grazing routes of sheep. But, because of urban sprawl, the traditional grazing routes have been destroyed by houses, offices, buildings, and stores. So the farmers decided to head to downtown.

The farmers took their traditional route, but it leads them near the richest stores in Madrid. So did the police do anything? Well, no, they didn’t, because the police realized that it was the traditional route for the sheep to be transported. Many farmers from others countries have come to this event. Many African farmers have come as well. Nothing has been done to stop the sheep, although people may have complained about the stench and noise.

So our main question is should we be concerned about urban sprawl? 

Here’s what we think:

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Cookie Monster, Dancing Person and Noodles

Image retrieved from on September 25, 2007.


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