Rest in Peace?

070831icemandeath_bigToday in cyberspace we have learned about finding the remains of a 46 year old man who was frozen in the mountains of Italy over 5,000 years ago. He was found in a glacier that was 10,500 feet above ground.   The Iceman,  Oetzi, got shot by a arrow right below the back. They had discovered that the murderer had pulled out the arrow after being shot so there would be no evidence. The arrowhead was the only evidence that he had been shot wth a bow and arrow.

This man was perfectly perserved. The only things that were not there, was the fingernails, toenails, and the top layer of skin.  Scientists have been studying the corpse for 16 years, but have recently discovered a head trauma added to the iceman’s injuries. The evidence has shown the scientists a lot of how Italians lived back then. For example, they didn’t use guns, only bows and arrows to hunt. The tattoos on his body told them a lot how they survived as well.

So our critical question is do you think that scientists should have disturbed the Iceman’s corpse in the first place or it was a good idea to dig him up and see the past??

There are two different points of views for this story.  There are some people who think that there should have not  dug up his corpse because you are ruining his final resting place. The other side take that it is a good thing they dug it up because they can learn a lot about the Itlalians and how they survived long ago.

Here’s what we think:

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So what do you think?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb!


Those Who Shall Remain Nameless—-because they didn’t put their names on their paper!

Image retrieved from on September 29, 2007.


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8 Responses to Rest in Peace?

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey Guys its Michelle i was in your class last year. You all are really doing a good job carrying on our legacy. Keep on rocking : )

  2. del says:

    i loved lhis blog, we studied oetzi about a month ago

  3. Anonymous says:

    i didnt know that otis was so old was that normal back then you should vist

  4. Racing panda says:

    My class learned about otzi.
    But my teacher said that when the person shot him and he fell and hit his head on a rock and that is why he died.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i don’t think scientist should have dug him

  6. Snickah Doodle says:

    Our social studies class learned about Otzi also (we spelled it Otzi)
    Apparently we don’t really know him name, but his name we call him right now comes from “otziler alps”
    but i gotta shut my computer down.
    -Someone from mrs.Baers class

  7. mangotango52 says:

    We studied Otzi in our class. I think it is good that they are learning about how Italians lived a long time ago.

  8. Shakesphere says:

    You guys I don’t really think that the dead guy cares. Really what will he do? Relating to this concept is I know of a place called BODIES. In BODIES they take dead peoples bodies; palatalize them, and show them off. Is that bad? I thought it was actually really cool because they show you the inside of your body. So if I were him and scientist were poking at my corpse, good for them. 🙂

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