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The Parisian Hassle…

Today’s current event goes back two years from now. It all started from the police chasing two teenagers in the subway, where the teenagers got electrocuted and died. Now, it appears deja vu is occuring. Just a few days ago, … Continue reading

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Fred and Bob Take the Long Way Around!

Guess what?  Fred and Bob are gone again!  All we hope is that they don`t get lost in the smog. They better learn how to eat with chopsticks unless they want to eat each other. I hope they bring us … Continue reading

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The Great Segway Incident

The Netherlands is a flat country that uses a lot of bikes.  However, right now, they are arguing over whether the Segway is safe to use.  Segways are scooters that are battery powered and self balanced.  They go by the … Continue reading

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Harry the Hunted…

Recently, Prince Henry–the second son of Lady Diana—was questioned by authorities who think that he may have committed the crime of killing two hen harriers.  Hen harriers are very rare birds.  There are only 20 pairs left in England.  The … Continue reading

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Those Crazy Danes…

Ever wonder about countries in Europe?  We do…especially one country in particular:  Denmark! Denmark is very interesting because they care about saving the planet.  Did you know that they have two buttons on their toilets—1 to flush it with half … Continue reading

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Those Violent Video Games….

In this current event, we are debating whether or not gaming is making kids violent, lazy and obese.  "Some children spend way too much time playing video games that are not age appropriate," says the English government.  "Parents should pay … Continue reading

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Finn vĂ¥re Venner Fred og Bob Igjen…

Our regular listeners know that we’ve got two quite interesting pets named Fred and Bob.  They are Krispy Kreme doughnuts that our teacher has had for over 4 years now!  Both are quite hard and both have lost their glaze, … Continue reading

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Scrapping Saturdays. . .

This Blurbcast is about how the French government is taking away Saturday classes in elementary schools and middle schools may follow. The President is taking the classes away so the time will be better suited for underperforming students to get … Continue reading

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