Harry the Hunted…

HarrylRecently, Prince Henry–the second son of Lady Dianawas questioned by authorities who think that he may have committed the crime of killing two hen harriers.  Hen harriers are very rare birds.  There are only 20 pairs left in England.  The Prince claims that he didn’t do it. 

We are going to debate whether or not Prince Harry should receive the same punishment that regular people would receive if he is found guilty—or should he be treated specially because he is a prince?

This podcast is going to be a little different, though.  We will show you one side of the debate, then we will show you the other side of the story next week. 

Here’s the first side of the story:

Download blurbcast_13_prince_harry_1.mp3

Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on the Blurb!


The Emperor of Colorado, Drama Queen and the Vampire Slaying Cricket.

Image retrieved from http://www.britainusa.com/images/Monarchy/HarryL.jpg on November 8, 2007


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One Response to Harry the Hunted…

  1. Shakesphere says:

    Even if he is guilty, Think about Amarica. Famous people have done the same thing as normal people (drunk driving, assalting, ect. . .) and have gotten out of prizon in one day, while others spend months.
    Do you think it is fair that some people get out of things because they are famous? Who should diside? Should we do the same to the other people?

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