Fred and Bob Take the Long Way Around!

Samurai_bigGuess what?  Fred and Bob are gone again!  All we hope is that they don`t get lost in the smog. They better learn how to eat with chopsticks unless they want to eat each other. I hope they bring us back a walking stick from mount Fugi.  We did get this very cool postcard though.

Do you want to help us find him? Then use these ten clues to help us find them:

Download 2007_fred_and_bob_2.mp3

Leave us a comment and tell us were you think they are.


Spider Pig and Hot Dog Bob

Image retrieved from on November 27, 2007.


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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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8 Responses to Fred and Bob Take the Long Way Around!

  1. The Hamster says:

    Wus shakin Blurb Nation!
    Hamsta checkin up on my homies. Ansewr be Japan. I can rap better then any of you!
    Even you Mr.F
    I hope you read this in class!
    How many hits do you have?

  2. The Joker says:

    I geussed right!! I also dug up some extra facts like: •their literacy percent is 99% •and the life expectancy is 81 years old. You were off by with the gdp percapita by $8,500. the answer was obvius from saying the capital was tokyo. Great blurbcast! I learned a lot about japan from this.

  3. I think they are in Japan. I saw the Flag and I thought it was a dead giveaway.

  4. Shakesphere says:

    もう一つの興味深い事実はとにかくはいそれがJappan であることをそれらが物発明するmanga をだったことである。私はjappan についてのほとんどすべておよび私がそれを調査することを愛することを知っている。
    another interesting fact is that they were the ones in invent manga, anyway yes it is Jappan. I know almost everything about Jappan and I love to study it. good job keep up the good work

  5. King Big Papi II says:

    How you all doing know? Its pops checking you out. You know you ain’t better thatn OPUS! Even if it is gone! The easy answer is JAPAN dude! GO OOOPPPUUUSSS!
    KBP II

  6. rhonda rice a roni says:

    I think there in japan. when you said the main language was japanese it kind of gave it away
    byebye- rhonda

  7. Spider Pig says:

    Thank you for reading this post made by me and Hot Dog Bob. The answer to to are question is Tokyo, Japan.

  8. The Warlord says:

    Fred and Bob are in Japan. However, I would like to know where Little Baby Joe is? We all know Krispy Juniors are the most explorative young doughnuts in the world.
    So now I have two requests:
    1. Kosovo. They declared independance about a month ago now.
    2. Little Baby Joe. I expect a post before he is a month old.
    The Warlord
    P.S. The Blurb was always better than Our Opus, and they could never think of good names, I mean, what kind of name is Journey to Bernie, or whatever it was?
    P.S.S. You should challenge the Hamster and Johnny K. to a rap off, see how big Hamster’s talk is then.

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