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The Destruction of the Gun?

In this current event, the EU is trying to ban guns, mostly because of a recent gun shooting in Finland. Finland has one of the highest amounts of guns per capita in the world. The EU parliament is trying to … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Before Christmas!

YO,YO,YO,  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! The time when the big man in the red suit comes out means just one thing:  The Wicked Awesome Nacho Hotdogs have made a crazy rap!  (You know you love our sounds.)  … Continue reading

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Santa Captured—Giant Snowmen Threaten Holiday!

In a dramatic turn of events, giant snowmen have apparently taken over the North Pole and captured Santa Claus.  Apparently, they feel neglected this time of the year because everyone pays attention to reindeer and elves instead of the frozen … Continue reading

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Fred and Bob’s Quest for the Falcon

Oh no!  Fred and Bob are lost again!  Let’s just hope they didn’t get caught in the undertow while surfing in the Med.  Maybe they’ll fly back as pilots in training—or discover that famous movie falcon everyone always talks about.  … Continue reading

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Answering Gordon…

One of our commenters, Gordon Blurb, left us an interesting question on our post about the Iberian Lynx.  His question was: What price will we pay when they’re gone forever? We think that if this animal becomes extinct, then the … Continue reading

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Getting our Animoto On…

So we’ve started playing with a new tool here in Blurb-sylvania called Animoto.  Animoto allows users to create short movie trailers from any collection of images.  Our friend the Joker has gotten way into Animoto and he created a presentation … Continue reading

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A Troublesome Teddy…

In Khartoum, Sudan, Ms. Gillian Gibbons was recently arrested for the horrid crime of naming her class teddy bear Mohammad.  She is a teacher of 6 and 7 year olds, and for a class project, each student was to take … Continue reading

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Spanish Cat Fight…

This current event takes place in Spain’s countryside, also known as Andalucia. The Donana National Park has 20 endangered Iberian Lynxs in their breeding program which is on the edge of the park, and an estimated 150 in the wild. … Continue reading

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