Spanish Cat Fight…

Elacebuche_ilcub3This current event takes place in Spain’s countryside, also known as Andalucia. The Donana National Park has 20 endangered Iberian Lynxs in their breeding program which is on the edge of the park, and an estimated 150 in the wild. This cat is one of the rarest big cats. This cat look likes a domestic cat and a tiger.

This endangered animal can’t come near humans because it risks of getting a disease from people. The EU (European Union) are putting a lot of money in to trying to save this endangered animal. Environmentalist say the threat is a road built by the regional government of Andalucia in the middle of the forest. At first it was a forest track but now it has been upgraded with tarmac.

Now the endangered animal in the wild is at risk of being injured or being run over by city cars. Now the Regional government of Andalucia is being threatened by the European Commission to go to the court of justice. Locals are upset that the road could be torn up to preserve the Lynxs natural habitat.

So our critical question is: Is it worth putting in money to save a species?

Here’s what we think:

Download blurbcast_17_the_spanish_cat_fight.mp3

What do you think?  Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb!


Flying Onion Boy, Psycho Squirrel, and Spider Pig

Image retrieved from on December 8, 2007. 


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6 Responses to Spanish Cat Fight…

  1. Gordon Blurb says:

    You’ve got the same site name as me! But you’ve probably got better content 😉
    Yes it’s worth saving this or any species, as each living being is unique to the whole cosmos, think about that. How amazing!
    Ask this question. What price will we pay, when they’re gone forever?

  2. confedential says:

    Heyy guys,
    Im going to scandinavia soon and i was gonna hop on the computer them in every counrty im going to (4 to be exact). Ik Mr. F. went there so i am too.
    Keep it up
    a fellow classmate

  3. The price is going to be great, because the animal could have taught us about other species that could’ve already become extinct. It also could teach us about how to take care of other animals to prevent the other species from becoming extinct. We need to help this animal, because knowing about this animal, might teach us about a future species. So it is worth putting a lot of money to save an endangered species.
    Now what if the EU didn’t care about this Iberian Lynx, how would this event be changed?

  4. Minnie Mouse says:

    Hey blurbers waz up??? I think that this is a good idea to use this money to help the endangered species. In my school we had to do a speech and tell about an endangered species. I chose the lemur and learned alot about what you can do to help them. Like sending $15 will give them money to stop people frome logging in their natural habatat. And $100 can help make a preserve and save them. What they could do to help the Lynx is make websites and advertise to earn money from poeple other than ones in their own country. So when they advertise then they will probably earn more money to help the Lynx from extinction.
    Minnie Moues–A origanal Blurber

  5. Cowgirl Boots says:

    Of course it is!!! Any species that is down to 150 out of all 7 continents is diffinently worth saving. Once a species is gone, you can’t ever get it back.

  6. HA says:

    Is there such thing as a Spanish Lynx?

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