Getting our Animoto On…

Logo_animotoSo we’ve started playing with a new tool here in Blurb-sylvania called Animoto.  Animoto allows users to create short movie trailers from any collection of images.  Our friend the Joker has gotten way into Animoto and he created a presentation that includes images from several of the current events that we’ve studied during the course of this school year. 

Check it out and see if you can find the title of each of the current events represented in the images.  Leave us a comment with a list.  Let’s see who can be the first to get every current event correct:

Looking forward to seeing who gets all of these right!


The Blurbers

Image retrieved from on December 10, 2007.


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6 Responses to Getting our Animoto On…

  1. The Joker says:

    Hey you guys I just wanted you to know that 5 of them aren’t current events. Like the nigeirian pushback, the 1st fred and bob are lost, 9/11, and patriot day. to find out what the smiley is there for check out the link on my name…

  2. The Joker says:

    I checked it over again and there was also a picture from the first track-out post we did.
    ~Creator of the animoto
    -The Joker

  3. Skip Rope says:

    That was a cool way to present the topics. Looked like the intro to a MTV show or an ESPN highlight clip.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. I made one of those on husky sled dogs. I am sue yours is better than mine, though!

  5. Shakesphere says:

    wow that is a great way of presenting your work. that looks like one of those ads you see on tv. I can imagin it on tv anyway. Great job joker!

  6. It was actually the first track in post
    the wicked awesome monkey
    ps: try typing ps, it’s fun

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