Answering Gordon…

Endangered20speciesjj001_3One of our commenters, Gordon Blurb, left us an interesting question on our post about the Iberian Lynx.  His question was:

What price will we pay when they’re gone forever?

We think that if this animal becomes extinct, then the environment that we live in would undergo a serious change.  The earth would lose one more species of animal.  That means the food chain would change.  The foxes—which are the predators of the Lynx—would lose a food source unless they found another one.  The rabbit—which is the Lynx’s main prey—will go up in population by a large number. 

Eventually, the rabbits’ food source will start to die out as well.  Sooner or later, the rabbits will go extinct and that will be two species of animal lost forever. 

We think that this is an enormous price to pay because it would disrupt everything.  It would be a terrible loss in the ecosystem.  We think that we should save the Iberian Lynx so we wouldn’t have to disrupt the environment again. 


Drama Queen, Psycho Squirrell and Skipping Sally. 


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One Response to Answering Gordon…

  1. Gordon Blurb says:

    And Gordon agrees!
    In the UK we have to cull rabbits, foxes and deer.
    Why? Because we hunted to extinction, all these animals natural predators!!
    To hunt a species to extinction is not logical.
    Can I also add, the climate summit was close to being useless!
    Penguins and Polar bears are currently showing themselves as species effected on mass, on how badly we are treating this planet, it won’t be long before it starts to effect us as human beings.
    Recycling is no longer enough, it’s too late just to recycle.
    We need to stop consuming and stop using fossil fuels and stop making plastics.
    We need to cut flying dramatically, cut car use, start actively walking or cycling.
    Don’t use plastic bags and tell your supermarket to stop buying them.
    Make the effort and buy unpackaged fresh food and not processed food in plastic packaging.
    Politicians and businessmen are destroying our planet for their own agenda and profit for themselves, wake up world before it’s too late!

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