The Nightmare Before Christmas!

YO,YO,YO,  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! The time when the big man in the red suit comes out means just one thing:  The Wicked Awesome Nacho Hotdogs have made a crazy rap!  (You know you love our sounds.) 

We’re going to have to leave you for four weeks and two days:  One week and two days for Winter Vacation and then three weeks for track out. I know, a very sad moment for us all, except we know how to cheer you up… to rap out Jingle Bells!!!

But, you need to take this seriously, and no laughing. This isn’t a joke. This is going to be Wicked Awesome with a Nacho Hotdog on the side!!! And plus, your granny knows the lyrics, so she can rap along (If this occurs, we are not responsible for any injuries. Oh, and if your grandmother raps with us, please video tape and post it on Youtube!  Granny-rapping is just plain cool.)

Here’s our track:

So whaddya’ think?  Is that a double-dose of Christmas cheer, or what?   


The Wicked Awesome Nacho Hotdogs!!! 


About Bill Ferriter

I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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4 Responses to The Nightmare Before Christmas!

  1. D-man says:

    That was a good piece and I love the track but just a great piece!
    *comment back*

  2. haha.. that was DEFINETELEY random hilarity!!! i liked how you made your screen look all black and whitish to keep your identity safe! it added affect to the piece too.. really unique and good thinking!
    —>belgian waffle& swissmiss btw comes from when i went to mexico and had the best belgian waffle around.. topped with Swiss miss! funny, huh?

  3. Hey, the video filter was Bam Bam’s idea, we just picked the one we liked. But the masks was my idea.
    be ready for a track in rap, it will com… if Bam Bam Let’s us… he’s nice so he probably will… … … ?…

  4. man, we aren’t allowed to because of the boys who did crank that rock cycle. We had a rock cycle rap all ready for post

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