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School Loos – Dangerous Health Hazards or Just Fine?

Greetings fellow loo users, Students in England are avoiding going to the loo because they are dirty, closed and often full on bullies and naughty people.  British campaigners would like to see the loos cleaner and open all day. We … Continue reading

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Paying for Playgrounds?

In London, England, the government has issued an idea that would cost millions of Euros.  The government wants to build more playgrounds.  They are building these playgrounds to entertain children from ages 8-13.  So our question is do you think … Continue reading

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Fly to Space…Got 200,000 Dollars In Your Pocket?

Got 200,000 dollars in your pocket? That’s how much it cost to go up into space on the new Virgin Galactic public space cruiser. SpaceShipTwo, the first space ship that can take people up into space to see what the … Continue reading

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Geography…is it REALLY Boring?

Geography is considered "just a bunch of maps and globes", according to author Marissa Giamo – and she’s right.  Many kids do not understand how important – or fun – geography can be. Geography is very influential today, especially in … Continue reading

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Weather in Our Wonderful World

I was reading a very interesting article today on Wonderfulworld. It was talking about how weather could change history. I ended up clicking on a link named extreme weather events of all kinds are likely to increase as a result … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to President Putin. . .

Dear Mr. Putin, We have some complaints about your recent activities.  We think that what you are doing to try to have Medvedev win your upcoming election is unfair—-and for lack of a better word, pointless. Honestly, accusing a candidate … Continue reading

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Crank This, Soulja Boy!

Our teacher dared us to change the words of the well-known song Crank That Soulja Boy to a curriculum related subject. I, Spider Pig , Flying Onion Boy, and Tarheel Boy wish to perform this in a weird and hapless … Continue reading

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