Kitty on Kenya’s Riots…

0582057800Have you guys been paying attention to the mayhem that is breaking lose in Kenya right now? It’s pretty shocking stuff, actually.

There was a presidential election just recently and many people (including developed countries like the United States) believe that the current president stole the election from his challenger. He was way behind one day and then way in the lead the next.

The stolen election made many of the people in Kenya incredibly angry and there’s been crazy violent protests for days. Clashes with cops, buildings burning, people dying….Not good!


Well, the riots caught the attention of Ninja Kitty in Mr. Brune’s class. She’s wrestling right now with whether or not a stolen election gives people the permission to protest violently. Interesting question, huh? Here are my quick thoughts:

Get a Voki now!

So what about you? Do think that violent protests are ever okay? Do the people of Kenya have a right to be angry enough to riot? If they didn’t riot, would they ever get their way? Is their way the "right way?" Leave us a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb!


Bam Bam Bigelow—-who is bummed he can’t use his microphone to record from school! Something about not being able to get through the network’s firewall.

At least cell phones work! They can’t block everything, can they?

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One Response to Kitty on Kenya’s Riots…

  1. Mr. Brune says:

    Hey, Blurbers!
    Thanks so much for noticing us! I showed this post to my class and played the Voki. (The Voki is blocked when the students are logged on but I logged on and showed it to them. I’m talking to The-Powers-That-Be in my school district to get it unblocked.)
    Your podcasts are very thought provoking! (We had some troubles opening up the audio when logged on as a student, too! Sigh! The hurdles we must cross to get to your good work!)
    Your post here about Kenya made me think abut our country’s elections in 2000 and 2004. Some people believe some votes were not counted then. But we did not protest violently like Kenya. Was it beacuse we trusted the system enough? Is it because we don’t care enough about democracy to protest? Your questions made me think of more questions but no answers!
    Anyway, each one of my students will be swinging by your class this week and commenting to a post. I’m sure they’ll be inspired by your work.
    Take care and keep up the great work!
    Mr. Brune

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