Book Review: The Water Horse

Waterhorse_l The Water Horse is a great story that starts off when a girl named Kristie Finds a small rock shaped figure. She and her little brother, Angus, secretly bring it back to their house.  Suprisingly they chose to keep it in their bath tub over night. In the morning, it wasn’t what it was last night. The trouble really starts when their grandfather goes the take a bath in the tub…

"Bound to make a splash with children everywhere!"

-School Library Journal

"Amusing and intruging. King Smith’s imaginativespin on a old myth makes outragous possible…. A well written fast paced fantasy"


  "An ideal family read-aloud"

-The Horn Book Magazine

"This general tale… will capture the fancies of (King Smiths’s) many fans"

-Kirkus Reviews

"Just the right balnce between action, snappy diologue and deft characterization"

-Publishers Weekly

To me, Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude, this book is phenonal and perfect for a quick read.  Dick King Smith’s emotionaly packed words and clever writing makes people of all ages flip the pages, minute after minute.  One of my favorite things in this story is that the author relates to the "First Sighting Of The Monster," with the monster referring to the Water Horse, or I guess you could say, Loch Ness Monster.

Also, the Movie for the Water Horse is coming out (Just for your notice, the movie will vary from the book, so everything I have typed may not happen in the movie, but will happen in the book)

Have you read the Water Horse?  If so, what did you think?  Leave a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb!


Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude

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10 Responses to Book Review: The Water Horse

  1. Hey Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude,
    I really enjoyed your book review. I would love to see more and more Blurbers writing about books they are reading. You should check out our Guys Read site. The address is
    We are still just starting out, so we don’t have lots of posts, but keep checking in from time to time.
    Keep Reading!

  2. LillJJ says:

    Now i really want to see this movie.

  3. I saw the movie a couple of days ago, it was good. But one MAJOR difference between the book and the movie, the movie has a war tied into it so there are alot more charactors. I’m going to write another book report once I’m done reading treasure island. Has anyone read it? If so, please leave a comment.
    Your Blurb rapper,
    Wicked Awesome Monkey Dude of The Wicked Awesome Nacho Hotdogs!!!
    Be ready for a track in rap, cause you know it’s coming!

  4. Oh i would LOOOVE to read the book or see the movie. Probably read the book so if i want to go back and see something again i could. And everything that the author wrote will be there because we all know the cut out stuff from books to movies. Well I really was enthralled by this book before i read this post, because, the idea of loch ness monsters isnt new but i love how they make it all unique and new ideas come out from every page, as i’ve heard before. So even though i havent read the book yet…. i say if you like harry potter like me you’ll love this!

  5. I really hate the differences between movies and books. I mean, sometimes the movies leave out really important parts of the books and then make the movie less interesting, becuase the viewers think that most of the events will be in the movie, but they would be dissapointed sometimes.

  6. Junkyard Dog says:

    I have not read the Water Horse yet, but it sounds like a really good and funny book.
    I thought the movie came out first, then the book was just text talking about the events that happened in the movie.

  7. J Howard says:

    Well written and informative….I am indeed, and always have been, one of your biggest fans!
    Write on!!!

  8. xoMileycyrusfanxo says:

    i wanted to see the movie!

  9. Ashley says:

    I really want a watch this movie! and also the book! ^^ where do we get them?

  10. annie bannanie says:

    what do you guys think the setting is??!?

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