Fly to Space…Got 200,000 Dollars In Your Pocket?

Laun_2 Got 200,000 dollars in your pocket? That’s how much it cost to go up into space on the new Virgin Galactic public space cruiser.

SpaceShipTwo, the first space ship that can take people up into space to see what the earth looks like, was built by Sir Richard Branson. Mr. Branson said test flights could begin later this year and that the first trips could begin in 2010. The ship only holds 6 passengers and two pilots! The ship takes a bumpy liftoff and goes up 68 miles above earth’s surface. You will also become weight less for about a few minutes. The ship will launch from a space port in the

New Mexico

desert. The company Virgin Galactic said that 200 people have already booked, and paid for the flight, and 85,000 have registered an interest to fly.

So what do you think…would you like to travel to space, even if it were only for a few minutes?  Would you be willing to shell out $200,000 dollars for the trip?  Share you thinking and join us again soon on the Blurb!

Blast off,

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14 Responses to Fly to Space…Got 200,000 Dollars In Your Pocket?

  1. Fegus says:

    This is a pretty big amount of money for just a couple minutes up in space, but this might be something to look into.

  2. Junkyard Dog says:

    I would wait a while until the price isn’t that expensive to pay for, but it makes sense why this fifteen minute ride costs so much. I just don’t get why this space ship can only carry six passengers, why
    not at least ten or so?

  3. This is kind of related to the Titanic research vessels. It costs $100,000 per dive, and usually a trip consists of maybe 5 or 6 dives.
    The amount of money is huge, I agree. But once you think about it for a while, you are going into space!! That is pretty cool. If I had that amount of money, I would invest in an adventure like this one.
    Tell me, what would run through your mind if you were on the spaceship, and something went wrong with the machinery? Would you be terrorized?
    I do not know what I would think.

  4. King Kong says:

    I personally think that the price for fifteen minutes in space is a bit pricy.
    But their alot of people in the world that could affod that so the business will be a huge success.

  5. The Joker says:

    Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway,
    I agree that even though you are going to space and also it is a once in a lifetime opportunity $200,000 is how much some houses cost. So if someone had that much money,were to go into space & that person didn’t have a house then he or she would have to consider spending money equivilent to a house that person could have.
    I have a question for you: if you were on the brink of buying a house for $200,000 and you had that money, and then you found out that for $200,000 you could go into space, would you buy the house or go into space.
    -The Joker

  6. Big Bluffer Beast says:

    Hi, I heard this on the news.

  7. Hockey G says:

    This post was cool from vampire slaying cricket.
    The idea of this spaceship having an accident 68 miles above the Earth is scary and I would certainly panic!
    Don’t you think that this spaceship will have lots of safety items and plans for emergancy situations?

  8. whatchamacallit says:

    What DOES it have if something goes wrong? What ever it has, it better not ruin my vacation if I go on it!

  9. TubbyMcTubTub says:

    I agree with most people. I think $200000 is way too pricy

  10. whowhatwhenwherewhy says:

    Whooooaaaaa!!!! I would like to go into space but $200,000 is alot of money for a few minutes. But they have to pay for the flight somehow.

  11. Skip Rope says:

    Lets take a minute and do some math.
    If you were a billionaire (The world has 891; Bill Gates is at the Top with 56 billion and the last is Kostyantin Zleuago with 1 Billion)
    That’s 1,000,000,000 in assets and 9 zeros!
    $200,000 is only .02% of their fortune. These individuals do not have their money in Savings accounts and most likely are making a 10% return on their investments (if not more).
    $200,000 to them is like you and me going out and buying a digital camera or a HD television set.
    Ok, thats the billionaires.
    Let’s think of our sports heros that get huge contracts.
    Alex Rodriquez (A-Rod); 3rd baseman for the NY Yankees is in a 10 year 275,000,000 contract(yes, that’s millions). To fly to space he needs to take a measly .07% of his fortune to go look at the earth from a rocket.
    Not even 1 percent.
    Peyton Manning is in a contract; 7 years 132,500,000 million dollars. If he wants to go to space it will cost him 1.05% percent of his fortune.
    Sadly to say this trip is not for the common folk …yet.
    Yes, $200,000 is a lot of money; but globally there are a lot of people that can easily afford this luxury. As the post indicates there is already 200 booked and another 85,000 registered.
    I wouldn’t wait till the price comes down. I would suggest studying, working hard, and earning enough cash to pay the $200,000.

  12. whatchamacallit says:

    What if your a rich person and 200,000 dollars is just a penny to you? What would you do NOW???

  13. amy taylor says:

    thank you i found your website very helpfull and i hope to go up into space one day. but unfortaunallty it cost to much at the oment ……. your amy taylor

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