Geography…is it REALLY Boring?

MaldivesgeographymainGeography is considered "just a bunch of maps and globes", according to author Marissa Giamo – and she’s right.  Many kids do not understand how important – or fun – geography can be.

Geography is very influential today, especially in the lives of kids. No longer will kids just be competing with the smart kids from their own city, state, or country. When the kids of today grow up, they’ll be competing and working with the smart people of the world.

Geography is many things – location, art, music, dance, history, race, language. It all defines a person’s culture, or the culture of many people. Understanding these things can be very helpful and rewarding. It can help you work with and understand the people of the world which can equip you with a type of knowledge that can help you to do amazing things. And if you not understand geography, you might end up insulting someone of another culture.

I wonder if geography is stereotyped "boring" by some students by the way it’s taught. I think that if teachers taught geography in a more interesting and student-interacting way, kids will have more fun and want to learn more.


Drama Queen

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4 Responses to Geography…is it REALLY Boring?

  1. Fegus says:

    I’m sure geography can be a lot more fun, but it is fun already, being taught by my teacher.

  2. hey drama queen this is belgian waffle here i think the topic you chose is very cool, i never quite understood why people enjoyed geography so much i always thought well “maps and stuff snore snore” but you really went into detail here and it make me motivatied to dive in the diverse cultures and the fascinating history of how my country was built up to what it is today, my race and find out a little more of what really matters and exactly how i came to be here because if it wasnt for some very special people in my past and country’s history i probably wouldn’t be well… here!
    really nice post like it a lot!
    –t.r.B the belgian waffle

  3. Cowgirl Boots says:

    What I think would be really smart would be to create a holiday on one day only. But then have an official list of events we should honnor. A couple could Pearl Harbor, 9\11 and even though it’s not on a specific date, the Iraqi War. That way when events that need to be honnored occur, we can add it to the list and honnor them.
    Cowgirl Boots

  4. Maldives says:

    I personally think that it all depends on the way its presented to the auidience be it geography or any other subject,put it a boring way and people would yawn away.
    These days one has to know a bit of geography to show he/she aint dumb.. in general conversations it errupts a lot.So lets all consider being smart and get some geography into our minds 😉
    PS: btw, how many readers here know where Maldives is located? just another geography Question.

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