Weather in Our Wonderful World


I was reading a very interesting article today on Wonderfulworld. It was talking about how weather could change history. I ended up clicking on a link named extreme weather events of all kinds are likely to increase as a result of climate change.

I wonder if we could give up gas or oil to make global warming decrease. I think if we gave up gas and oil we could save more money because we normally buy gas and oil from other countries so then wouldn’t we have a better economy.

Giving up gas and oil would be tough though because my mom drives a SUV and I know so many cars that use gas and not other fuels like corn starch and fry grease (etc). So I was thinking it would be a lot of work to convince everyone to not use gas.

I was wondering if we could still use some gas and use wind farms for energy instead of oil. Then we could bring down some of the pollution.

Here’s and interesting question how could kids help stop pollution? After all doesn’t this seem like an adult problem? Comment back with some ideas you might have!


Chuck Norris

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2 Responses to Weather in Our Wonderful World

  1. hey norris nice post! exciting topic too think about how one day of different weather can change our world is rather cool… well i cant wait to have my post up on santa [i’m kinda late on the topic and such but its actually REALY interesting… i hope its as good as yours and Drama Queens!]
    well this is the trb belgian waffle, see yeah!

  2. I think nuclear is the way to go.

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