School Loos – Dangerous Health Hazards or Just Fine?

_44386042_toilet416gt Greetings fellow loo users,

Students in England are avoiding going to the loo because they are dirty, closed and often full on bullies and naughty people.  British campaigners would like to see the loos cleaner and open all day.

We interviewed a few students in our area about school loos.  Listen to our Blurbcast to hear what we found out.

Download loo.mp3

Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of public toliets?  How might we clean these places up?


Elmo and Super Turtle

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17 Responses to School Loos – Dangerous Health Hazards or Just Fine?

  1. chatter-box says:

    Hey that was pretty neat. Your right! School bathrooms are dirty! Even in NC. I think thy should be cleaned more than 1 or 2 a day. I think they ahould be clean in the morning, lunchtime, and afternoon. What do you thnk?

  2. blah blah blah says:

    You asked what do you think of public bathrooms and what we should do to clean it up. I think that most public bathrooms i’ve been to have been absoulutly disgusting. I think order to clean these disgusting disasters either the employees at where ever the bathroom is should clean the bathrooms twice a day or people should just be a little neater when they go and dispose of thinks properly beacuse nobody likes a dirty bathroom.

  3. Star catcher says:

    Yes, i realy belive these monsters should be cleaned more often. Ya, maybe even three times a day. But a heath hazord to the community maybe that’s a little much.

  4. Check Mate says:

    You guys are sooo right these bowls of doom could cause many illnesses or even diseases!! And many of these nasty waste fecilities smell terrible. People should be way more neat when the go too.

  5. xoMileycyrusfanxo says:

    i think most public bathrooms are dirty.. but maybe we just need to be cleaner??

  6. Skip Rope says:

    I can’t agree more that public restrooms are a mess. I travel for my occupation and have spent my fair share of time in public restrooms; often they are not clean places.
    I think many establishments do clean these restrooms multiple times- many have checklists on the back of doors where the maintenance worker has to initial that they have cleaned them(not saying that they did but they do need to at least walk in).
    2 ways to possible improve these places:
    1.Individuals need to treat the restroom like they do at home… lets throw the paper in the wastebasket, lets pick up the seat, lets put away the markers and pens and stop writing on walls
    2. Locations that do have public restrooms can determine busiest times that these places are used- probably 7-9am 12-2 pm and 5-7pm. Perform more through cleanings just following these times.
    How about a sign on the back of stall doors; “Please use this room as you would if it was in your home” or… For the courtesy of the next guest please try and keep this restroom clean”
    I would also suggest that if you are in a establishment that has an unacceptable restroom that you notify the manager. I have done this at several locations and they usually appreciate the call. They do not purposely want their bathrooms to be unsanitary.

  7. TubbyMcTubTub says:

    i hate public bathrooms

  8. Colombo says:

    I agree. The public restrooms should be kept cleaner. There should be a jerm killer spray bottle to spray and wipe the seat before each use. There should be a seat cover in every public rest room.
    Have a nice day!

  9. wow! i would hate to have to ‘hold it in’ all day, its 6 or eight hours of school! i agree, children should be entitled to cleaners toilets facilities, just as much as adults… and i also have a question… do you feel to the fact that the students [you] have to share a big bathroom with doors you can kinda see in between [the cracks, the spaces between the door and the floor] and that teachers have a private little bathroom of their own? With a door? [most of the time, school just have bathrooms that you walk into without having to push open a door and its huge with stalls, and most of the time it echoes and you can hear everything outside!] i think it takes away privacy on behalf of the students. and the floors are always covered in pee, sticky un-identified stuff and.. ugh, the smell sometimes is unbearable… and sometimes it’s kind of emabrrasing doing your stuff while other people are inches away… [again back to the lack or privacy priviliges that teachers have….]
    hmm.. i wonder if they can change that in schools over there [ England] because i never have to be scared or that that disgusted by going to the bathroom!! And holding it in isn’t safe or good for your body but it’s like they’re [the children] are kinda forced into not going… who wants to endure all that just cause you gotta pee? i know i don’t!

  10. Fegus says:

    I havnt been to our school bathrooms, but our old school was completely disgusting.

  11. Give Opinions says:

    Hey Elmo and Super Turtle. Your blurbcast was soooooo creative!!!!! Some people don’t know what lies beneath the bathroom doors. In my opinion, the bathrooms should be cleaned at least twice a day, if not more. Thanks for the info; hope to see another great blurbcast!!!!
    Give Opinions

  12. horsesrus says:

    hey im horsesrus,
    i agree with Elmo and super turtle the bathrooms should be cleaned twice a day!!!! I know if i dont have to go to my school bathroom i wont. because thers always tiolet paper on the floor, the floors are always wet and i know for a fact that the bathrooms are only cleaned at night!! Yuck!!
    My big question is: In the U.S arent we paying for schools and there services in taxes?
    Should we have to use dirty bathrooms when were paying for people to clean them in taxees?

  13. Bookworm says:

    I absolutely HATE public toilets. I usually avoid them at all costs. Why would I want to use a public toilet if it wasn’t an emergency? Toilets should be cleaned often, especially if they’re used by hundreds of students each day. It’s disgusting to have to use a dirty toilet.
    But the again, maybe it’s US who’s disgusting. I mean, it’s revolting to see paper towels on the floor, bad words written on every available surface, garbage everywhere, and more things better left unsaid. We really need to tidy up and start treating bathrooms better so every time we walk in there we don’t have to say “EEEEEEEEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  14. Horsefreak302 says:

    I think that public toilets are 100% DISGUSTING!!! I think they should clean them at least 3 times a day. If schools have toilets they should at least be clean most of the time. But I agree with Bookworm, we should treat the bathrooms better so they aren’t as discusting as they usualy are. I think I might know somthing even more disgusting than a regular public toilet, PortaPottys.

  15. robocop says:

    this is a great storie,this is horrible how people dicide to leave bathrooms like this!even the own at school that are cleaned by the custodians are grotest!!!!

  16. book worm, i agree with you. what is it with so many minors and their love to write illegally on surfaces…. just last year i saw this girl just write on our NEW school bus seat [588 is a new bus!] and she wrote something stupid just to be funny and cool in front of her friends… and back to bathrooms, do you think people don;t pay as much attention as to how clean they leave public bathrooms? do you think it all relates to how we might be like ‘well, i dont have to clean this up , i dont this all add to the mess much.. and if some one else did dirty it, why can;t I???
    Well, just cause you can do something doesn’t mean you should…………..
    Do you think that public bathrooms’ dirtiness have to do with our laziness and slefisly thinking i dont have to clean it up so who cares?
    WEll people DO have to clean it up………
    even though it might not be you, it’s another human being and it is just not fair that they have to clean up after you when you’re perfectly capable of doing business n there right………..
    ->>>>>the Belgiian Wafffle

  17. I think the issue is about design and modern materials which are around now can help with cleaning down surfaces i.e anti grafiti surfaces ( grafiti cleans off in no time at all)

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