The City of Ember – A book review

Cityember_2 The City of Ember, Written by Jeanne DuPrau, is a sensational read, filled with action, suspense, and plenty of surprises.  It takes place in Ember, the only light in a world of darkness.  In Ember, when a child finishes school (which is when they’re around the age of twelve) they pull slips of paper with jobs written on them out of a hat and that will be their job for the next few years.  When Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow got their jobs they were extremely disappointed.  Lina had gotten pipeworks laborer (working in the pipes beneath the city) and


had gotten messenger (delivering messages throughout the city.)  They swap jobs and no one finds out, but Ember’s light is fading.  Blackouts are becoming longer and more frequent, the food supplies are becoming dangerously low, and a coughing disease is taking the lives of Ember’s citizens.  Lina discovers a strange letter when her grandmother is searching for something in their overstuffed closet, and she is determined to find out what it means. The problem is that her baby sister, Poppy, chewed it up.  Meanwhile, in the tangled labyrinth of the pipes,


finds a roped off tunnel leading to a mysterious door.  What does the letter mean?   What’s behind the door?  Read The City of Ember and find out!!  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of The City of Ember.

Written by Horsefreak302

                                                         Attention Ember Fans…

Ember is hitting the big screen!!  The movie stars Saorise Ronan as Lina Mayfleet and Harry Treadaway as Doon Harrow.  Look for it in theaters October 12, 2008!!

I asked some people on their feelings on the book and upcoming movie and this is what I got:

Rowdy Roddy Piper says:

            “The coolest part is how they found out where Ember actually was . . . Very excited about the movie, don’t think it would be as good as the book though.”

HockeyG says:

           “It was good, I liked it when all the lights went out . . . It’s not going to be as good as the book.”

TMX Elmo says:

            “I like the part with boat, it was really suspenseful and I really liked the book . . . Sweet!  I’m really looking forward to the movie.”

Checkmate says:

            “It’s a really good book, I loved the journey . . . I’m really excited for the movie, It’s going to be awesome!!”


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5 Responses to The City of Ember – A book review

  1. The Hamster says:

    The book cover looks nice.

  2. The Warlord says:

    I read that book, and at first it seemed a little like fantasy, but then it turned out to be more sci-fi. Something similar could have happened if a nuke, or maybe two or three had been fired during the cold war, and pretty soon, around the next fifty years, we’ll be reduced to what the people of Ember walk into. There are some interesting statistics on fossil fuel usage at:
    You might want to check it out. I also think some of the proposed solutions that you have in the Language Arts projects you will make could be interesting to see. Why don’t you put up some paragraphs once you make them?
    The Warlord
    P.S. Give Hamster a nuggie or something, I know he has better ideas and can write better than that!

  3. The Emperor of Colorado says:

    This is probably the best book I have ever read in my life, I couldn’t stop reading it, and before I knew it, the book was over! I have recomended to it to many people, and I think all people should read this book, as it has a great story line, and Jeane DuPrau has done a execellent job in explaining the story, I recomend this book to all readers.

  4. BigFan says:

    It is a great book.When the lights went out , I wanted to help to find the baby girl myself. I am wondering how they are going to be able to turn it into a movie.

  5. John Bennett says:

    This is by far one of the most suspenseful books, I’ve ever read. This is by far my favorite book of all time, and left me wanting more. After I was done ready the book, I couldn’t help but be kinda sad. It was all over, and I needed the next book. Very amazing plot, characters, and it was very well written :]

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