53 Sea Lions Found Dead… But Why?

_41154078_seal_darwin_203 Officials are trying to figure out who has killed 53 Sea Lions on The Galapagos Islands. The dead animals were killed by a so called  "a strong blow from someone." There are no body parts missing, as in poaching, so who did this… and why?
The dead animals consisted of 15 full grown (nine males and six females) Twenty-five younglings and Thirteen Babies.
The only dead animals found were the Sea Lions. After this terrible act the Galapagos Islands were put on a list of endangered habitats because if these animals go extinct it would affect the whole food chain.
Explain your thinking about this tragic accident:
Were they killed by a human or a natural disaster?
If a Human, Who?
Why would anybody do this?
Be Sure To Comment.

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13 Responses to 53 Sea Lions Found Dead… But Why?

  1. The Warlord says:

    I think that we should tear down all buildings, or man-made structures on the Galapagos islands, and remove all of the waste from them as well. Then we should leave them alone for about 20 years to recover from all the damage done to them by tourism, and let the natural species adapt to the new ones.
    Once we are done purging the islands, and restore them to the state they were in before we started polluting them, we should set up one, maybe two small, completely eco-friendly hotels on each island. The price to get into these hotels should be high, and people should be entirely cleansed of all invasive species beore they get to the hotel. Once they are in the hotel, they should have a ranger assigned to them who will make shure they don’t affect the environment in any way.
    The hotel should run off of solar power, from solar panels installed on the roof, and be made of almost entirely decomposable materials. All of the profits from the hotels should go to research funding to help the environment like clean fuel and energy research, and research on how to reverse global warming, and protect all natural habitats like the Amazon rainforest, the Okavongo swamp, the Artic and Antarctic tundras, and the California Redwood forests.
    We should help the Galapagos islands recover from the damage done to them.
    The Warlord

  2. Fegus says:

    I completely agree with you Warlord we have caused so much distruction to this island as tourists, we should just leave them be. Nobody NEEDS to see any of the animals there, so why do they visit the island so much???

  3. Junkyard Dog says:

    I agree with the warlord we should tear down buildings and help the sea lion population increase, if that doesn’t work, then maybe they should keep them in a private zoo until the population is bigger. Unfortunately while that problem is handled the is another problem, what about the rest of the food chains in the ecosystem, there might be to much of something or another endangered animal. May be some other people help keep the population of the animals that live on the Galapagos Island average. I just hope they can solve these problems without doing any harm.

  4. Shakesphere says:

    Who knows why they did it, perhaps he/she was drunk. Maybe a group did it for fun, or maybe a group did it as a protest. Either way the seals are dead. Do you think that it would be worth it to strip down the place? Many tourists go there every day and support the country. Would you really want to rowan the economy because of a few seals?
    Or would you rather save species found nowhere else. What if the only type of animal was a cane toad?
    Or do you think that we should be focusing on something else, like global warming. They now have theories that Antarctica will melt by the year 2013. If global warming takes place, it wouldn’t matter what we did to the seals because the world will be destroyed.
    What happened to the seals in Antarctica? How they were killed off? Global warming takes place they would be suffering the most! If we destroyed all of the buildings causing more pollution clearing it out, what happens to the baby seals in Antarctica?
    There is a lot to worry about with these seals; do you think it is too late for them to be saved?

  5. Fegus says:

    I dont beleive in this global warming, the same thing happened in the middle ages and then everything just went back to normal. So I dont think we should worry to much about global warming Shakesphere

  6. Horsefreak302 says:

    I don’t agree with Fegus. I think global warming is serious. Sure, the middle ages went back to normal, but cars, electricity, and fossil fuels didn’t exist back then, making it easier to go back to normal. If Antartica melts, It’s gonna take alot of time and major effort to recover and if Antartica melts Half the world will be underwater. I think that we should be putting ALOT bigger effort than we are now if we want earth to be inhabitable in the future.

  7. Alfonzo Cornmuffin says:

    I believe that it was an animal. Because if it was a human they probably would have taken the outside or the meat, but no, the attacker took nothing!

  8. Fegus says:

    Alfonzo Cornmuffin I dont think it was an animal because why would an animal just kill for pleasure, maybe it was a drunk man?

  9. whatchamacallit says:

    What could a drunk man do to kill 53 sea lions? What makes you think it was a person?

  10. Shakesphere says:

    But if it was an animal, should we hunt down all the animals to figure out what it was. Or a man, what would drive him to kill? If we found out who killed them, should we have him killed?

  11. TheEggMan says:

    Warlord, I completely, 100% DISAGREE with you. For one, tearing down all the buildings would just cause more and more pollution. What makes those giant tearing machines work? Not water, I think. Also, in the twenty years that you say it would take for it to recover, what would happen to all the species over that time? They could very well be extinct by that time. Also, it should be either let the tourists in, or don’t. Not high price hotels, with eco-friendly things. Like it or not, when you stay on an island for any amound of time, you are affecting the environment, no matter how much or how little you do.

  12. Fegus says:

    Horsefreak302 we brought up a great point about not having polution back in the middle ages, I think you might be changing my mind a little bit about global warming. Although i dont think we need to go all in on this one we might have to do some things, but I dont think that ALL of antarctica is going to melt and flood half the world, maybe a little bit of the thinner layers of ice but think about it, there are layers of ice that go miles and miles down, that would take forever to melt. Im just saying that if a little of the ozone layer is destroyed its not gonna make the world go down.

  13. urafool:) says:

    global warming exists and its a snowball effect once it gets going it gets harder and harder to stop and about the seals corn-muffin if it was an animal it would have in NO way left all that food. A human obviously did it/

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