A Resolution on Genocide. . .

FacesofdarfurWe’ve been working with Mr. Mayo’s class to raise awareness on the genocide occurring in Darfur lately and have lots of good stuff starting to cook.  Perhaps most impressively, we found another class on our hallway that had just finished studying genocides. 

Turns out, they’ve written their own UN styled resolutions to the World.  We polished some of what they’ve done and have decided to post it here.  If you agree with our resolution, please consider signing it by leaving a comment that includes your first name and your location.  By signing our resolution, you are agreeing to abide by the terms that are included in it:

Resolution to the United Population of the World on Genocide Awareness

Sponsors:  The Students at Cyber Middle School

To the Population of the World,

Recognizing the terrible atrocity faced by the countries that have experienced genocide,

Acknowledging that 3,680,500 innocent civilians have been tortured in unspeakable ways in a short amount of time,

Stressing that genocide will continue if we don’t act to solve it,

And determined to impede this malevolent menace, we:

  1. Express our deep regret for the lives already lost;
  2. Urge all communities to not be indifferent to all the victims of genocide crisis;
  3. Call upon the UN Trust Fund to help get donations for the homeless victims of genocide so they can get resources;
  4. Vow to give extra resources–including time and attention–to nations struggling with genocide;
  5. Confirm that we are in favor of a peaceful solution to solve violent battles;
  6. Demand that the UN put monitors in countries that have had conflicts in the past;
  7. Appeal to the governments of affected nations to share information about their culture and beliefs;
  8. Declare that from this day on, we shall not abandon our friends in need.
  9. Promise to sit at the table of brotherhood and not discriminate our people because of racial, economic or religious reasons. 

So what do you think?  Is this a resolution you can support?  Is this an issue that you think should be more important to the rest of our world’s population?  Can you promise to put aside your iPod for awhile and worry about something that is REALLY important?

If so, then sign our resolution.  More importantly, get your friends and neighbors to sign it.  Then, be sure to visit Mr. Mayo’s blog on March 6 and 7 to leave a comment there too.  Let’s show the world that we care about this. 

Image retrieved from http://www.preventgenocide.org/images/photos/FacesOfDarfur.jpg on February 16, 2008.


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  1. Spider Pig says:

    I spider Pig, promise to pay more attention to genocides.

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