An Open Letter to the President of Sudan. . .

Dear Mr. Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir,

I have recently heard of your rather, irresponsible and immature activities. Do you honestly think you are doing good things to Sudan? Is genocide the answer to solve your problems?

To me it doesn’t make sense to be bombing villages of the Black Africans. Also, working with the Janjaweed militia screams that your government is very weak. You are insecure because you are unwilling to allow other races to live in your country. Plus, your government is becoming more and more corrupt.

Or, is there no government? Are you becoming an evil dictator? In 100 years, do you want to be in the same Venn diagram as Adolf Hitler? Hitler led the biggest genocide in history. He is remembered for his horrifying death camps, and the millions he killed. Do you want to be remembered in the same way?

You are becoming like this because genocide is not at all a playful matter.

I pity you in this hapless attempt to change the population in Africa. I pity you because you are going to be eventually compared to Hitler. I pity you because your children, and your children’s children, who are going to be scarred with your name for the rest of their life.


Flying Onion Boy

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5 Responses to An Open Letter to the President of Sudan. . .

  1. Jessica says:

    Dear blurbers,
    I have recently goten a project in my 8th grade class to find a current event dealing with Africa. I was having a struggle then I remembered a friend told me about your websight, Now I have a current event thank you!

  2. King Kong says:

    I just found about this awful man, I bet if more people knew about him they would compare him to Adolf Hitler and other WW2 dictators.
    I think that taking sides with Janjaweed is very low.

  3. TMX Elmo says:

    What problems is the president trying to fix Flying Onion Boy?

  4. Bookworm says:

    I believe that nobody should be treated like that. Our religion, race, and everything else that may divide us into groups doesn’t matter in the long run. Remember, under the eyes of God, everyone if equal. I think that we should try to stop this horrible event. NO ONE deserves to have something so awful happen to them. Signing off,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, he seems like a terrible man. I would not like to live there right now. I wonder what other countries will do about this.

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