Rocking Chairs

Rocking back on your school chair is a thing of the past.  Meet the Max chair.  With its curved legs and special design, nobody can lean back on the back legs higher then 5cm.  Inventor and former teacher Tome Wates explains his invention: “I was being driven crazy by my student’s constantly rocking back on their chairs, so I decided to solve the problem.”

Around 7000 students Maxchair_3 are admitted to the hospital every year because of chair-related accidents.  70% of that number was a result of leaning back dangerously far on the chair, and the Max chair is supposed to reduce such incidents.

Others, however, disagree.  Some teachers think that the Max chair is a waste of money when you can just force misbehaving students to sit on the floor.

One teacher said “Much cheaper for them to sit on the floor!”

Another said “let them learn from their mistakes the hard way!”

So, what’s your opinion?  Would you like to put these Max chairs in your classroom, or would you prefer to stay on your good ‘ol chair?  Remember to comment below to leave your opinion!  Until next time, I’m



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I'm a real-live, bona-fide, full-time practicing classroom teacher. #takeTHAT
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14 Responses to Rocking Chairs

  1. whowhatwhenwherewhy says:

    I think that is interesting that the gair wont let a student lean back over 5 cm.Im acually shocked that one teacher said that you should let them learn the hard way. That just cruel! Godd job on the post eggman. Im looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Spider Pig says:

    I think that it is a bad idea to get the chairs because if after they say go to middle school and they dont have the chairs then they will tip them again.

  3. Junkyard Dog says:

    I would buy these chairs for my students if I was a teacher. Because everyday I see kids in class leaning back on their chairs and putting their feet on their desks. I just have an opinion for this, why doesn’t Tome Wates make the chair unable to lean back at all, why let the kids lean back 5 centimeter?

  4. TheEggMan says:

    You can lean back five centimeters because there is actually no possible way to make the chair stay on 4 feet if you pushed back as hard as you could.

  5. chicken chaser + pencil theif says:

    Thats a waste of monkey i think school’s could use their money on better things

  6. The Warlord says:

    How funny you should have an article about chairs. My brother has a horrible mean teacher that takes away people’s chairs when they lean back, and makes them stand for the rest of the day. She would definitely be one of the ones that does not want the new chair, but instead wants to stick with physical punishment. Which, I might point out, is against the law. I would definitely use the new chair if it ment no more physical punishment, and I’m sure my brother would agree.
    However, beside the chair issue, I’m not very pleased with you. I asked about a week ago for a post about Kosovo, but I don’t see any posts!
    Come on guys, put up a post on Kosovo!
    The annoyed Warlord

  7. King Kong says:

    I think its interesting what people will invent and bring out the awareness of people just because some people have leaned back on their chair so far back they have made the limit to 5 cm.

  8. TMX Elmo says:

    I wonder how Tome Wates got the chair to have prefectaley curved legs so it could only go back 5 cm. I also think the chair was a waste of time because most teachers would want kids to learn the hard way than to get them fancy new chairs. If I was a kid I would probably spend my time in class trying to get the chair farther than 5 cm off the ground!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think that this is a good idea because some people don’t actually think that they will fall back. They think that they are controling themsleves. Well I gues 70% are actually not aware.

  10. whatchamacallit says:

    What I don’t get is that why doesn’t he just glue the chairs to the floor? What’s wrong with that, I mean, its an option…
    Okay for once I’m going to avoid having the word “what” at the beginning of every sentence.
    These chairs could save parents and schools HUNDREDS of $$$! Kids that are careless need to be more carefull (like me). I once fell back from leaning on a chair.
    (Luckily the teacher wasn’t looking. Phew!)

  11. GiantFreak17 says:

    i agree with the teachers they should force kids to just sit on the ground.insted of wasting there money,they could put the money to charity or starvig people

  12. Thing2 says:

    Well i was reading some of your comments i read one about a teacher that takes her kids chairs away and makes them stand for the rest of school if they lean back on the chair. if you want to hear my personal opinion i think that that is just plaid cruel and a matter of fact i think giving your students phisical punishment is aginst the law! I could see why a teacher would get angry. (if a student fell and got hurt it would be blamed on the teacher.) but i dont think you need to pysicly punish them.a few years ago in 5th grade i remember that my teacher had a book if you did something wrong you would have to sign and if u did something wrong more than 10 times in 9 weeks that you couldnt go to the celebration. I think that is much better that phisicly punishing a student. What do you think?
    thing2 =)

  13. Creativesoul says:

    I found this blog as a result of research I’m doing on the subject of educational furniture. The reason I’m posting a response though is to ask that maybe you should read through the words you type in before actually clicking the ‘Post’ button. Some of the above are awful attempts at constructing a comprehensible sentence in response to an intelligent post. There’s even an automatic spelling check as you type to help you. If you have something to say, try not to embarrass yourself whilst doing it and let others understand your views clearly. People will take more notice of your opinions in the future for it. The chair by the way is an example of someone trying to make school environments safer whilst reducing incidents that could detract from the education children are at school to gain. Whether the chair allows 5cm of pivoting or none is beside the point. So long as accident rates are reduced, something positive has been achieved and is to be commended. Thank you for reading.

  14. Yo, creative soul, who says “whilst” anymore besides my 50 year old dad. You think are all that, but these are comments, not elaborate posts for the front page. We are kids of 21st century America, I think it is okay if we use a bit of internet slang! The reason most of these people are using slang and abbreviations is because of technology.
    Ever heard of IM, E-mail, or text messaging? The only people who don’t use slang in it are the people who didn’t grow up with it, the ones that don’t know what Yo or Sup means. Is it our fault we were born and raised in this time period?
    No, it is not. We had no say in it; we just took what we got.

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