Should We Care About Darfur?

By now you know that we’re working with Mr. Mayo’s class to raise awareness on the genocide occurring in Darfur, right? We’ve written an open letter to the President of Sudan and created our own pledge to fight against Genocide. We’re also working on a Voicethread presentation where we’re studying political cartoons on Sudan.

Here’s one of the more interesting images…and the conversation that we’ve had about it so far:


Big Bird: Look at this political cartoon. You can see that the man is writing down the things that need to be fixed or solved. I think the author is trying to tell us that America has a lot of problems.
Also look on the shirt. It has a lot of useless problems more than the big problems around the world.

Billy Burrito:  I think that big bird is right because on his shirt he has a lot of useless and pointless jobs like save his SUV. So there kinda saying that the genocide in Darfur isn’t a problem and that we don’t need to help them.

Do you think that we should help Darfur with there Genocide?

Drama Queen:  I partly disagree with you Billy. These may sound like dumb things to do, but that is what the average person has to usually think about. (Save maybe, the illegal nanny).

For example, think about your parents. What do they worry about? Gas prices, taxes, bills? These things sound pretty dumb, but you have to worry about these things in order for YOU to survive!

But I think the people represent the USA, and all they are doing to help. Which is nothing. Nothing, but asking about Darfur. People in the US of A are trying to survive in the world themselves, and except for an occasional thought about world issues.

But SHOULD we care?

Pooh Bear: I partly disagree with Big Bird because the things written on the mans shirt are not all useless problems for America, they are average problems for the world.

I do think, though, that the author thinks that these things are useless problems. Or why did he make the man and women look useless themselves?

The women says "What about Darfur?" I think that the author was trying to say that American people are only caring about themselves instead of Darfur, not that they are caring about stupid things instead of Darfur. What do you think?

Drama Queen:  Pooh Bear I agreed with you on that these problems are typical but save New Orleans and save our troops are important not typical.

Take New Orleans,after Hurricane Katrina New Orleans was gone and still it needs more help almost 3 years later. 

Our troops need help too. we’ve lost so many people there and the families who have a family member in Iraq are devastated so most are typical.

I think that the author is trying to say that most Americans think that their problems are more important and few like the woman care about real problems like the genocide in Darfur.

Mental Muffin:  i agree with billy burrito because all of the information he put on his shirt is useless. i also wonder if one of th reasons he put useless information on his shirt because of his body shape

i also think the author is saying that we shouldn’t do anything about the genocide because the guy in the political cartoon says he doesn’t have and more room but he probably could of wrote something on the back of his shirt about Darfur.

Jake the Snake:  Well I agree that some of these ideas are useless but not when he says "save the troops" that is a serious topic that we are dealing with today. It’s also a huge topic being discussed in our presidential elections.

Or what about all of the families that got hit by hurricane Katrina?  Do you really think those people have it as good as we do?

So do you really think these ideas are dumb to think about?

Vlad the Impaler: Listen Billy B and Drama Brat I’m in the neutral zone between you two.
Drama girl says "well we need these stuff to survive ( forgetting illegal nanny) so stuff this Darfur Genocide . Billy says Americans are too greedy and selfish with themselves .

I really don’t know what to think . Is it our job to care about the worlds problems around us or the government?  Why should we care?  Is worrying about  our affairs too greedy ? Should we care about the
world a little more than we do now ? Does the world care about us the same ?

Horse Freak:  I also agree with billy, why should we be worrying about our problems when there are helpless people in Darfur who are dying every day!! To me were being selfish i know we have to worry about things like taxes, jobs and cars, but those are such small things compared to genocide!!

What do you think are we selfish and don’t know how well we have it? Should we complain less and help more just in case the problem is reverse and its happening in our country?


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11 Responses to Should We Care About Darfur?

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m not sure if it matters that “we” should care or not. My students care and that’s about all that matters for me as a teacher.

  2. King Kong says:

    Horse Freak I agree with you the problems we have in Darfur are alot worse than some of the problems that the US are dealing with, and that they should be going a bit more out of their way to help stop the genocide. Yet we are not being very greedy if we are helping our nation’s people with things such as the troops in Iraq or the refugees from New Orleans.

  3. bballwizard says:

    Here we are debating on whether we should help the people in Darfur or not and people are being killed. Say the Halucuast was happeningright now would we be debating on whether to help the jews or not. Also this shouldn’t just be the US’s problem.

  4. Bookworm says:

    I think that whoever says it’s not our problem has some serious issues. We aren’t being greedy by thinking about ourselves, because we need to worry about ourselves or what would happen to us? But that doesn’t mean we can just ignore problems around the world. In my opinion, the US needs to step in and help instead of waiting for the problem to solve itself.

  5. The Kazmanian Devil says:

    I love this cartoon. It really makes a good point. but my perspective is that we are sort of taking what we have for granted. Save my job, save my SUV. Sure, we do need a job. And how else will we get around if we have no car? But we are forgetting that we need to help save Darfur. They cannot do this on their own. So we should care about Darfur. They need help moe than we do.
    Also, I am glad to see the Blurb is back. I was in this class last year and had a great time. Guys, you have an amazing… no an OUTSTANDING teacher.
    The Kazmanian Devil

  6. hockeyg says:

    I think that the teachers should not spend money on new chairs.Just because their Students are leaning back in their chair. They should learn the hard way and should have to sit on the floor.That is just a waste of money to me. If their is a students that does it alday then the students parents should have tyo pay to buy a new chair for him.

  7. Sara says:

    Darfur is a subject that we should all care about because wouldnt we like help if we were in this situation place yourself in someone elses shoes, please. i am 14 years old and i care more about this than normal people yes i understand that people have other things too worry about but come on can you all really be that heartless and ignorant?

  8. shelby889 says:

    i think people are worrying about darfur ALOT. but all this is doing is nothing. instead of just worrying, and writing things thats wrong in our contry, we have to get out there and do somthing. make a difference. raise money or do SOMETHING that will help us. we are thinking way too hard. when we think about war and stuff and worry about it coming to our contry, we are just making our selves scared. the only thing we can do about that is try to stop it. so make a difference, save darfur!

  9. shelby889 says:

    you are soo right drama queen, i mean, when i think of all the taxes and gas and bills, i just think “thats not my job”
    but, in some way, it really is.

  10. chrixtine says:

    Horse Freak. Remind yourself of the thousands of people dying in our country alone! i believe that we should solve our own problems before playing the role as world police… And with the current financial crisis do we really have the means to execute our intentions properly? We failed to correctly supply our troops in Iraq with vital resources, so how are we to supply more troops and more resources to yet another country seeing as our military is currently present in over 100 countries…

  11. zach says:

    This cartoon expresses americans and their inability to help countries in need. America has run off and started a third world war when places like Sudan are in need of our help and assistance. America has spat on the world with its ignorence and incompetency.

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