An Open Letter to the Janjaweed. . .

JanjawidDear Janjaweed Soldiers,

Shame on you and your actions towards your country. How do you think that your country will improve by your open genocide against the Black Africans of your nation? We question if you are punishing the Black Africans of Darfur on purpose or if you are being forced to do this by your leader?

How would you feel if your children were being murdered or beaten? The tears in the people’s eyes should tell you the feelings of the people that have lived to see your cruelty, who are now in living in refugee camps. This is what happens to Black Africans that are forced from their homes in Darfur:

  • The girls are grabbed and are forced to walk for 3 hours and then your friends rape them at night
  • The villagers are shot/hit with guns and weapons
  • The people often have to leave their belongings behind in order to escape
  • The latrines in the camps are no more then four poles around a hole covered with plastic
  • Mothers are separated from their children
  • People’s lives have been taken away. For example, a herdsman could have all of his animals killed or stolen but animals are very important and are a big part of his life.

What will make you stop your absence of kindness? Open your eyes and you will see what you don’t want to happen to your family. If your relatives were put through this pain, wouldn’t you consider rethinking your actions and plea for mercy?

Is genocide your hobby?


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Image retrieved from on February 27, 2008.


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7 Responses to An Open Letter to the Janjaweed. . .

  1. superturtle says:

    I don’t think they are vollenteering I mean i can’t imagine anyone that heartless. But i can imagine people who would do it for money or maybe even to protect thier own family.
    I would never never ever kill for money! But for my family…
    That be just too hard a decision for me. I would not even be a person who cuts up cow meat and sells the meat in the market!
    Beacuse i would be ending somthing, a life! A gift to us that we have no right to end for some one else.

  2. drumstick says:

    If i was one of the kids trying to be beaten I would try to fight back or run away like every one easl so I don’t die. What would you do if you and your friends where in this position how would you feel and what would you do plz give me your feelings.

  3. GiantFreak17 says:

    well if they had a gun i would stay there, but if they didnt i would probaly fight them or run. Its scary what has happened to the world WHY CANT WE JUST LIVE IN PEACE,instead of fear.

  4. Bookworm says:

    Okay guys, great post, but isn’t the “An Open Letter To…” idea getting a little old? I would LOVE to see an original idea from somone. People are going to get bored of “open letters to this person” and “open letters to that person”. So, I know you all have a nice original brain inside of you so can you please just USE IT?????????? Thanks!

  5. elmo says:

    I think these camps are absolutly horrible. If this was happening in the USA, I would freak out. I mean all the children being being pulled away from their parents is horrible. This reminds me of what Joshep Stalin did back in Soveiet Union times. With the gualg camps. Just because of what color skin you are dosne’t mean you should be treated bad. I think this is so wrong. Good article

  6. Cowgirl Boots says:

    Drumstick and Giantfraek17 said that they would fight back. Let me put these coments into perspective;
    You live in a poor African village, never the less life is peaceful. Suddenly chaos erupts! You are stormed by night by people with covered mouths, wearing black and have big machine guns, shooting them at people every couple seconds. Your brother is shot dead and you don’t know what happened to your parents. These people say (pointing at you with their enormous machine-guns) that you will live if you cooperate.
    Hmm… the threat is real. Die or live?
    Cowgirl Boots
    P.S. if you haven’t figured it out, the answer is live.

  7. Kacie says:

    But the janjaweed are black…. .

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