Putin Politics?

Image3832140Opinions have masked the faces of our leaders, and our leaders words have brainwashed open minded followers. As I swam through the waves of words on the BBC a current sucked me into an interesting entry about a Russian Leader named Putin taking a whole lot of advantage.

How low would your pride let you sink if you were longing for just a little more time as a leader?  Putin’s pride has dragged him way down to rock bottom where he is disgustingly desperate enough to enough to dangle his own little puppet before everyone’s eyes, hypnotizing so many.

The conniving candidate that Putin has pretty much attached strings to is named Dmitry Medvedev who is running for Russian leader.Since Putin cannot run for president again his pathetic plan is to use Medvedev to get back in office. All Putin’s plots, thoughts, and decisions go through Dmitry who can make them official.

To me I think that is being a dictator. Putin uses Russia like his own little toy set. They are not little plastic figurines that can be toyed with. He has too much power, doesn’t that sound familiar. It is just like what has happened to so many other leaders. This is why I think it is interesting that people can call Putin a hero.

Obviously they have been blindfolded by the words and factual charts on economical increase that they can’t open their eyes and see through the wall of lies that qualms the future of Russia. Or maybe it is us that cannot see through the mask that was drawn over Putin’s face by the harsh opinions of others.

Furthermore, a clever conclusion that Putin has is what if people pull of the blindfold and do not vote for Medvedev (Putin)? Putin decided that he is not going to let anyone  politically, persuading, or speaking savvy person join the to Russian leadership. Mr Kasyanov’s blindfold was not tied tight enough when he served under President Putin because as soon as he peeled it off he became one of his most spiteful critics. Kasynov was accused of forging 62,000 signatures!

I think that it is interesting that this whole election has nothing to do with Medvedev! What if he has something good to bring to Russia?

Elections can be such an interesting time, but we have always got to remove our blind folds!


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One Response to Putin Politics?

  1. Superturtle says:

    But we have to remember that Putin helped Russia’s Ecomony go up. I do belive Mr. Medvedev is Putin’s Puppet. I think the election is soon. I wonder what a regular Russian person would say?

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