Aren’t We All a Little Selfish?

Mecircle_2In our recent efforts to help Mr. Mayo’s class raise awareness about the genocide occurring in Darfur, we’ve run into an interesting idea that we can’t quite come to resolution about:  Just what responsibility does the US have to the rest of the world and are we selfish when we don’t do more to help other nations who are struggling. 

Here are Drama Queen’s thoughts on that topic:

People always say, “The USA is so lazy and selfish. They care nothing about the rest of the world and their problems. They always worry about their own problems.” It happens every time the US tries not to get involved in world affairs like Darfur. 

It is all very well to say “Oh, wow! We should be extremely worried about Darfur, we are being too selfish!” while you’re sitting at home on your computer. But think, if it weren’t for your parents worrying about money, taxes, bills, etc. you wouldn’t have a computer.

Here is something else to think about:

If you had a list of priorities, what would be at the top? I know that "survival" would definitely be at the top of mine. But what do I, or my parents, have to do to survive? Don’t they have to pay taxes, bills, work, and earn money for me to live well?

You may not have to worry about these things yet, but believe me, these are the things that are letting you live a good life. I would definitely want to live well myself before caring about anyone else’s well being, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather be uncared for and instead care for others? You wouldn’t be doing anyone a whole lot of good to anyone if you weren’t well and alive. If you would like to keep yourself well and alive, then you can officially call yourself “selfish.”

But then, aren’t we all a little selfish?

I am not saying that we shouldn’t care about Darfur, because the genocide that is happening there is heartbreaking and cruel and I believe should come to an end.

But then again, I am not going to say that average Americans are selfish by caring for ourselves first. Again, it is all very well to say that bad things are happening in Darfur and we are being selfish—but would you honestly and truly care about this before caring about your own health and safety?

Always Thinking,

Drama Queen

Image retrieved from on February 29, 2008.


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6 Responses to Aren’t We All a Little Selfish?

  1. HorseFreak302 says:

    I think that Drama Queen is right. To my knowledge the U.S hasn’t done anything to help stop whats happening in Darfur. Usualy I’m against meddling, but if there is any better time to meddle its NOW!!!!!!! No matter how much we want it to this isn’t going to solve itself with out help and I think the USA should get off of the couch and DO SOMTHING!!!!!!!!

  2. wickied awesome says:

    hello i am wickied awesome and i love the blurb i love to read it @ my la pitteit lardge that means my house in french

  3. I disagree with you, HorseFreak302, because for one thing, the United States shouldn’t care for the rest of the world. They aren’t responsible for other countries. Yes, that sounds selfish, but if you think about it, if the United States get a puddle of trouble, do you think other countries would come and help?
    If the United States gets into a genocide, would you think that Sudan will come and help us?
    And I do not think that the United States is lazy and sits on the couch and does nothing. We are in Iraq right now trying to keep that country from falling. So would you call that lazy? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t.
    ~The Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway~

  4. Hey, the man that brought the saying,”Wickede Awesome” to the Blurb. Just wanted to say the “wickied awesome” spelt wicked awesome wrong.

  5. Cowgirl Boots says:

    We may be lazy compared ot other countries, but that’s only because we were raised that way. One time my family and I went skiing in Canada. Mom was just learning to snowboard and she was the only American in her class. The rest were from Europe.
    She ordered some food with her group and the waitress brought her the wrong thing. Natrually she told her to take it back and get the right thing. But all the Europeans thought was what a spoiled, snooty American.
    Cowgirl Boots

  6. rarestone says:

    Interesting post Drama queen. As the cliche goes, “Charity begins at home”, so we have to look after ourselves first before we can help others. This is not selfishness at all, but it is just simple logic. No amount of anyone’s suffering will help those in Darfur. In fact,you can only be of benefit if you yourself are well, and in good shape.

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