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Track Out Rap from Da Hot Dogs!

Well, The Blurb Nation is on break again—-remember, we’re on a year-round calendar.  That means we go to school for nine weeks and then take a three week vacation, only to return to school to do it all over again … Continue reading

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South Korea Swaps First Astronaut

Yi So-Yeon, the 29-year-old female astronaut is to replace Ko San the astronaut who was originally supposed to go on a space mission. The reason that Ko San is to be replaced is that Ko San had mailed back a … Continue reading

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Johnny K and the Brits. . .

So we’ve got this strange kid on our team.  We don’t really know what his name is.  Some people call him Johnny K.  Others call him Billy Burrito.  Me…I just call him annoying. But the dude slings an axe like … Continue reading

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Gun control – is it an issue?

The Supreme Court will judge today a large controversy in Washington D.C., or the District of Columbia .  The issue at hand is this: Should the right to bear guns, handguns, specifically, be banned – and can it be banned?  … Continue reading

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The House on Mango Street in Swedish

A couple of Blurbcasts ago I wrote a review about The House On Mango Street and called it called "The House On Horrible Street."  I have decided to make a Blurbcast for our international viewers by translating "The House On … Continue reading

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Global Warming is Coming to Get Me!!!

Okay here’s the deal, global warming is a HUGE problem and it’s really killing the environment. Harmful gases being released into the air, by cars and factories that are destroying the ozone layer, are usually what cause global warming. Now–this … Continue reading

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The House on Horrible Street

Here’s a change, when you normally hear about a book review it’s always talking about how the author is a wizard that a uses beautiful words instead of spells or something of the sort. So I was thinking why not … Continue reading

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Darfur Now Animoto

Have you been visiting The Blurb for posts about the current Genocide in Darfur? If not then check out a website which has a game on the Genocide, It shows how the average day of how someone living in Darfur. … Continue reading

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What Math and Science teachers know about Social Studies

Dear Blurb Nations, Dancing Chipmunk, and Elmo have decided to quiz our math and science teacher, Skinny Latte, on a Current Event Social Studies quiz. We have her answers noted.  Take a look at the questions and how she answered … Continue reading

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Final Reflections on Darfur. . .

Recently, the Blurb Nation spent a bunch of time participating in an amazing global effort led by kids and designed to raise attention to the genocide occurring in Darfur.  That project culminated last week, with a “comment-fest” on the Many … Continue reading

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