Opening the Door to Darfur. . .

As a part of our recent efforts to raise awareness on the genocide occurring in Darfur, we’ve written an open letter to the President of Sudan and created our own pledge to fight against Genocide. We’re also working on a Voicethread presentation where we’re studying political cartoons on Sudan.

Here’s another interesting image from that Voicethread…and the conversation that we’ve had about it so far:


Dancer 96:  In this picture, I noticed that people from Darfur or the whole country of Darfur is begging the US for food, or possibly protection.  Another thing: Notice how they are so skinny. What message do you think the author is trying to send to the world?

The Belgian Waffle:  Dancer 96 says: Notice how they are so skinny. What message do you think the author is trying to send to the world?

I noticed that the picture is looking from the peep-hole. It seems as if U.S.A. is NOT helping them, and doesn’t really want to in a way…or else the door would be opened. The rubbish behind them is horrible, it looks like they climbed all the way to the door for help.

So why no give it?

The Writing Lunatic:  Interesting, Belgian Waffle.  My question is will we ever open the door, or is it their door that is shut not letting us help?  Do we have too many doors shutting everyone out of each others lives.  Maybe we all just have too much pride for our countries.

The Belgian Waffle:  Well, what kind of gets me wondering is that why DO we allow these doors to close? One day, we may get stuck in the same situation…for the sake of our country and Darfur, we should help.

God forbid that something like that should happen here, and we have no one to help us when we need it most. I say, who cares whether or not the genocide is near or far, if we can close doors, we may be just as easily able to open them.

So why isn’t it happening? Does anyone think we shouldn’t care? That caring is a waste of our time?

Dance Star #1:  I agree with Belgian Waffle about the idea of opening the door to Darfur.  She asked the question if we should care about this conflict and if it is worth it.

What pops into my mind is the phrase “Treat other people the way you want to be treated." If in the future we get stuck in a situation like Darfur is in will Darfur open their door to us? I don’t think that it is fair if they helped us and we didn’t help them. Right now it doesn’t look like they would help us only because were not helping them.

I could also connect this situation to a friendship. If you help and care about your friend then they sure would help you back and that is how your friendship lasts. It also looks like that Darfur is asking for something because they have a bowl in the people’s hand. There asking for food but should we give it to them?

Do you think that if we help them now that they will help us when we are in help or vice versa.

The Writing Lunatic:  Well, let me tell you one thing, to make it easier for you to understand the misery families go through—the brutalism that they endure—imagine your our blood or best friend or teacher or even enemy being slaughtered, or handling the deserts in Chad.

Just because of their race.

Is that fair at all? Imagine the pain one family would endure for something like that to happen.  It’s hard, isn’t it? Because its most likely never happened to you.  Well what’s even harder to think about is that an entire race is going through it right now.

This second.

And we can help stop it!


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2 Responses to Opening the Door to Darfur. . .

  1. Skip says:

    I was reading an interesting article that I have copied some of the text below. I think it helps to explain why we are not opening the door in your editorial. US credibility internationally is terrible. Too much money, too many resources are in Iraq right now. If another country stands up and recognizes this “genocide” then I could see the US participating but until then I beleive like the author below that the murder will continue.
    Excerpt from Scott Straus article…
    “Already heavily committed in Iraq and having lost considerable international credibility over the last two years, the Bush administration is not well positioned to lead such an effort. The hardest question about humanitarian intervention thus remains, Who will initiate and lead it? The problem is not just theoretical: the killing continues in Darfur and is unlikely to end soon.”

  2. Tennis Player says:

    Hey guys! I really like your thinking on what’s going on in Darfur right now. I agree with what The Belgian Waffle said with if we close the doors on Darfur right now in a time of need, then if something happens to us then they won’t help us. Also, they need help and we’re not helping them, at all and it is very disrespectful to close the door in somebody’s face.
    – Tennis Player

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