Saving Darfur One Comment at a Time. . .

Take_action_logoThe Papercraft boys are back again…but this isn’t about evil snowmen. 

Instead, it is about evil Arabs.

Word on the street is that Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir is leading a genocide against the Black Africains of Darfur. If you poke around the Blurb, you will find a lot of posts on this subject.

This isn’t just a minor battle with little toys like G.I. JOE’s. This is a serious topic where a race is being wiped out. You can’t help but get angry about this if you have a heart at all. This is genocide, a version of Nazis and K.K.K, and most of us know how those tragedies turned out.

Our Papercraft tutorial today is designed to help a ton to get people to find out about this terrible event.  It’s embedded below.  You can also watch it on Teacher Tube by clicking this link:

No joke.  It’s time to take action.  And you can help no matter how old you are!  Just take a little time to join us with Mr. Mayo’s 8th grade class March 6th and 7th.  We’re hoping to get over 1,000 comments on their blog

Let’s make this cause a world issue and stop it once and for all.


The Blurb Nation

Image retrieved from on March 3, 3008.


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3 Responses to Saving Darfur One Comment at a Time. . .

  1. Yo, dat was whack. I thought that it was so wicked sweet, I wrote the writing for it. Only some posts are worthy of my writing, and dis was defanitely one of dem’. And by da way, Hokey Master (then some random #’s) old name was C squared, but the B to the A to the M, back to the B to the A to the M couldn’t remember his name!

  2. Thank you very much for your cooperation to help raise awareness for Darfur, Please continue doing the wonderful job you’re doing in helping bring more positivity to this world, it is not going unnoticed.

  3. Spider Pig says:

    Thanks Mauricio Fuentes!

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