Everyone was Staring at Me. . .

ImageHave you ever gone to a foreign country and felt unwelcome or extremely awkward?  I recently went to Ecuador and felt both of those feelings. 

I noticed that people on the streets were living in poverty.  The poverty I witnessed was very disturbing.  Men were peeing on the streets, a huge pig that was recently slaughtered was being carried by several men through the streets and there were others staggering around who appeared to be very drunk. 

Also, I saw children walking around selling anything and everything they had.  I was devastated and I couldn’t be more thankful for my life in America.

But I was also shocked because everyone seemed to be staring at me.

My trip really got me thinking.  Do you think the Ecuadorians were staring at us because they were being critical or just curious?  Perhaps they were wishing they could be like us?

Do you think that Americans can be selfish and sometimes forget how lucky they are to live in a developed country?  I noticed that there was income disparity in Ecuador.  Do you think that capitalism can help these people living in poverty and maybe change their lives?

Do you think Americans look at foreigners like they are different…or like they don’t belong?


The Horse Freak

Image retrieved from http://www.careinternational.org.uk/image.php?id=2232 on February 29, 2008.


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12 Responses to Everyone was Staring at Me. . .

  1. whatchamacallit says:

    What you said really digs deep. What about oter countries? What are they doing(forget Russia)?
    What we can do to help these kids are simple. What’s wrong with donating a toy to a needy kid there? What else could we do?

  2. Junkyard Dog says:

    Makes sense that people in a poor area stares at you, because they own so little. I don’t think USA is that selfish because it is already trying to help the poor countries in the world.

  3. Miguel says:

    I like this story and i agree that Ecuadorians are poor and i think they are just curious about what we are because they haven’t seen someone so civilized. Where im from is the same story.
    Im South African and i lived there for 11 years and if we travel to a poor town there are so many kids of ages from 5 to 18 selling things to earn some money.
    Some ideas that you can add to this is maybe try getting some info about them when you were there.
    But just a sugestion.

  4. Chuck Norris says:

    hey,junkyard dog
    what do you mean by a poor area, when i went to italy it was extremely fancy and not to many people were poor but still they would look at you funny maby its because we stand out did you ever think of that. I mean look at them and us were more lighter and have blonde hair when they are tan and dark and have black and brown hair so i think its not all about the economy or how rich they are.
    -Chuck Norris-

  5. horsesrus says:

    Thanks for all your comments it’s really cool how it’s not just people from Ecuador that sometimes stare its all around the world. Have you ever been to a country that looked at you different? Do you think other countries are as fond of us why or why not?
    Also chuck brought up a great point a lot of people in Ecuador is the same race. Sense we have a variety of races could they think less of us?

  6. Mr. Snickerdoodle says:

    You could say that us in the USA are kind of selfish i mean we all know that we do it. Think about christmas time, all we want is presents i know some of you say that you care about the true meaning of christmas but when it comes down to christmas morning new gifts is all that is in your mind. In other poor countries presents might not even be in the picture of life, christmas might be just another day and another day of there liftetime. They might not even care, and even though we are hleping out other countries we still are deffinitly around holidays a pretty selfish place. I mean if you really truly know the meaning of christmas tell me and this christmas try to not want as many presents, make your list smaller, love your family and friends, and be kind to others expectaly the not as wealthy. Then mabye they will not stare as much if they know you are just trying to good something good with your spare time.
    Mr. Snickerdoodle!!

  7. DogFreak526 says:

    I agree with Mr.Snikerdoodle that in other poor countries presents might not even be in the picture of life, christmas might be just another day and another day of there liftetime.Why do some people think that they are not lucky they live in a developed country?

  8. TMX Elmo says:

    Hey Horse Freak I can connect to this story because when I went to Peru I saw poverty everywhere I went. Once I even saw two little boys running from trash can to trash can trying to find any food scraps. I felt so bad, and you are right a lot of countries do think we are selfish. I know this is not true for everybody, but I think we should do more since we are such a rich country.

  9. horsesrus says:

    Your right we are a rich country and we do have a lot of recourses that other countries don’t.
    But why do we always have to help poor countries that are in poverty? Is it fair that were police for other countries?
    Horsesrus/horse freak

  10. King Kong says:

    Horsesrus/horse freak asked is it fair that we(USA) are the police for other countries? I think that’s very interesting because the US helps more countries than you would think of, they send troops all over the world and send humanitarian aid to countries also all around the world. I wouldn’t call this being a police but, they also have a very large influence on mainly the West, but also globally. Think about it now the East wears more jeans and the world eats more fast food, although eating more fast food is not really a positive.
    But what would happen if the U.S. suddenly broke into smaller and much poorer nations? Would some of the things we influence drop in demand? Leave a comment telling me what you think.

  11. King Kong @ wrote: But what would happen if the U.S. suddenly broke into smaller and much poorer nations? Would some of the things we influence drop in demand? Leave a comment telling me what you think.
    I agree with you we would want help if we broke into smaller nations, but why don’t some other countries help out because we are nowhere near breaking into nations!!! A lot of countries are experiencing poverty if we help one country are we going to be expected to help the others?
    Horse Freak/ horsesrus

  12. VT Lover says:

    i think that the quiz that dancing chipmonk and elmo made was pretty cool. But what would be even cooler would be if you guys could interview more teachers from your school and creat more of thoose tests. Maybe even one a week, or something like that. Are you up for the challenge?

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