Is Peace a Prayer?


As a part of our ongoing efforts with Mr. Mayo’s class to raise awareness about the genocide occurring in Darfur, the Writing Lunatic put this piece together: 

Hatred and war crawls through the seams of history forming tsunamis of terror drowning many years deprived of peace. Slobodan Milosevic drew a period of horror through Eastern Europe when he was voted President of Serbia with a persuasion of words in 1989. He promoted national and ethnic rivalries instead of promoting the peace needed during that time which gained him the popularity he used during the election.

After Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia , a country that was made up of Slovenia , Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Serbia , Montenegro , and Macedonia , the Serb minority desperately turned to Milosevic for support. His response was the beginning of a hate hurricane. Just ten simple words started what could have been completely avoided. His response was, “If we must fight then by God we will fight”.

And that is exactly what they did.

By December of 1991 the Yugoslav People’s Army led by Serbia had taken 1/3 of Croatia ’s territory, claiming it as a native homeland for Serbs living in Croatia . Despair lashed the land. Soldiers were deserting by the thousands. Acts of suicide sprawled across Croatia becoming very common. Up to 20,000 people were killed and 400,000 people were made homeless.

Can you imagine living your life paranoid of air raids, shooting right behind your own home?

Just try to put yourself in a position where everything around you is destroyed and you have to wonder whether you loved ones will survive, whether you will survive. One bombing is all that it takes. For some stopping there is not enough.

When Bosnia followed Croatia and declared independence from Yugoslavia in April 1992 violence broke out in the Republic. Milosevic was back in action. He vowed to defend Serbs living in Bosnia from what he called Croatian genocide. As if Eastern Europe had not had enough fighting three years of brutal, barbaric, and bloody battle followed. The majority murdered during the war were people from ethnic groups. The world believed that Serbian forces were committing genocide.

As time stretches on, another Genocide is occurring. Black Africans in Darfur are victims of a horrible Genocide. Genocide has been occurring for five years in Darfur. This genocide is just like the Eastern Europe genocide in Bosnia and Croatia. The genocide is a conflict in the western region of Sudan called Darfur. Like the genocide in Eastern Europe the ethnic groups are the victims.

The United Nations estimates that the conflict has left as many as 200,000 dead from violence and disease. The Sudanese government has prevented information from escaping by jailing and killing witnesses since 2004 and tampering with evidence. Black Africans have been put in camps and been brutally treated.

But why? Is there an answer? Is it just that people cannot stand to see people different? If someone came to you tomorrow and vowed to kill you and everyone in your race, would you feel frightened? Or would you feel confused that the world swims in evil.

Evil is more dangerous than taxes, car payments, volcanoes, tornadoes. Hate lashes everyone, because there has always been a need for conflict. We are paddling through malicious threats and actions being spit at everyone, because there is always something wrong with everyone one in the world we live in today.

Peace is a word of the future because the world as a whole has never witnessed it.

Peace is a word that could happen.

Peace is a prayer.

Will there ever be a day in this world where everything and everyone is peacful?

Think about that.

~The Writing Lunatic

So what do you think?  Is peace just a prayer?  Leave a comment to share your thinking and join us again soon on The Blurb.

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7 Responses to Is Peace a Prayer?

  1. The Writing Lunatic wrote “Is peace just a prayer?”
    Many may think that it is, and with all this stuff going on, that it would be, but in my opinion, in our world now, I think that peace would be a miracle.
    Because if you look at life itself, then you see wars, genocides, and disasters. Peace seems like it will never come. With peace, it sort of means everything is perfect. Everything will never be perfect.
    The world will always have conflicts, and no matter what, we have to live life the way it is presented, and if there is no peace, we live on, don’t we?
    Would you think that the world will always be perfect?
    ~The Modern Typewriter

  2. The Warlord says:

    Wow, great writing!
    I think the reason for all of the ethnical genocide is that humans, poor ones in particular are very religious for the same reasons people were religios in the Middle Ages, it is all they have. So if someone says in any way that what they hang on to for hopes of a good future doesn’t exist, they would get angry, wouldn’t you?
    I believe that peace is not a prayer, but a lack of prayer, or unified prayer. Humans will never accept that there is no way out, no way to progress. I think this is well illustrated by a book I read, Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. It has many hidden and open references to human nature, although I would not recomend it to kids under eleven.
    Interesting ideas though.
    The Warlord

  3. The modern Typewriter said:Everything will never be perfect.
    The world will always have conflicts, and no matter what, we have to live life the way it is presented, and if there is no peace, we live on, don’t we?
    Let me say something about that. Do you have a younger sybling or cousin?
    When they do something wrong does everyone try to pretend that he or she did not do it? Or do they dicipline them so they do not do it again? Eventually if they get away with it they will get the idea that they can do anything and do things out of control. We cannot pretend anymore. We always say it is not the end of the world, everything will be fine. We try to tell ourselves it is not now it is not time yet. We need to wake up and smell the violence and evil becuase it is here, and it is growing. Letting it alone is like letting your little cousin act however she wants, sooner or later it is going to sneek up on you and she will be out of control. We know hate is there, why don’t we stop it? Can we live anymore with conflict? Can it get worse? Is it getting worse?
    ~The Writing Lunatic~

  4. The comment theat caught my eye was the Modern Typewriter’s; but that’s probably because it was the first on the list.
    She said,”I think that peace would be a miracle.” But is that suprrising to you? Well not to me!
    The reason that is is that our human flesh is to selfish to just take what we get. We always “need” more and more.
    I couldn’t disagree any less with either the Writing Lunitic or The Modern Typewriter. The idea of peace to the human race is a myth, a fairy tale.
    But to reply to The Writing Lunatic, Peace A Prayer, but not JUST a prayer. Writing Lunatic, a prayer is a very powerful thing, any religion. For example, if I was praying before a meal, my prayer would not be a five word statement, because prayers are like comments, it’s the quality that matters, not the quanity.
    Anyways, I enjoyed reading your writing, it was pretty wicked sweet!

  5. Wow warlord, I love what you said!
    I agree one hundred percent when you said that relegion was the only thing they had!
    What is interesting to me is that I am a Catholic and in church we speak against violence and war but yet there has been so much bloodshed because of relegion.
    I think that relegion is almose an excuse to fing someone that is different than you.
    One something goes wrong everyone wants to find someone who can get alot of power, so they find the easiest thing to pick on relegion. They have too much pride for themeselves and are pregudice.
    Peace is a lack of prayer, whenever something goes wrong without even realizing it sometimes they think everything they do is right, even if they are doing all the wrong things!
    You said that it “is” a unified prayer, I do not believe that to be true I think that if we ever want peace we need to all pray together, maybe not to God or even the same God, but praying isn’t always about gods or one God. It is about finding love,forgiveness, and peace.
    Should we all pray together even if we do not celebrate the same God?
    Is using relegion just an exscuse?
    Great comment Warlord!
    ~The Writing Lunatic~

  6. The Writing Lunatic wrote: “We know hate is there, why don’t we stop it?”
    Yes we do know hate is out there, but are YOU doing anything to stop it?
    The only way to stop hate is to bring it down with a war. For example, look at how we brought Hitler down.
    Which brings us back to will we ever have peace?
    ~The Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway
    ~The Modern Typewriter

  7. whatchamacallit says:

    What you all said is right in a way! What the modern type writer said is that everything in the world may never be perfect! What matters though is that parts of it will be at some times. What we should do is pray for these poor un-sympathetic Africans, or simply pathetic people. What are the Americans doing to help? What about other countries who are currently dealing with no such problems of any kind (forget Russia)? What peace is is just more than a prayer, more than a MIRACLE! What peace is is a need…

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