Darfur Now Animoto

61j89qzqa5l__aa240_Have you been visiting The Blurb for posts about the current Genocide in Darfur?

If not then check out a website which has a game on the Genocide, It shows how the average day of how someone living in Darfur. Everytime your person is caught by the janjaweed he/she is taken to a camp for being tortured. When you beat the 1st level, you are able to send a message for stoping the genocide. Lots of people have played.

You should to.  Experience how Darfurians live.

This Animoto shows what is happening to the people of Darfur. They are suffering, & dying in MILLIONS From genocide. And the only thing that everyone is doing? Just going on with our lives and only asking questions about the genocide:

Here are the resources that I used in my Animoto:

Download darfurgenocideresource.rtf


The Joker

Image retrieved from http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/61J89QzQA5L._AA240_.jpg on March 12, 2008.


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One Response to Darfur Now Animoto

  1. SkipRope says:

    Perfect wedding band…
    Sounded a bit like Celine Dion if she was being tasered during a performance.

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