Global Warming is Coming to Get Me!!!

Stegerdogsled14x11b_1528_468 Okay here’s the deal, global warming is a HUGE problem and it’s really killing the environment. Harmful gases being released into the air, by cars and factories that are destroying the ozone layer, are usually what cause global warming. Now–this is where you should get a little bit creeped. An artic expeditioner, Will Steger has been to the Artic circle many times and his recent trip was very surprising. A large piece of ice that had taken him a whole week to cross in his past expedition was… GONE!! Completely melted away. Okay, this caused Steger to realize haw bad global warming has become. Today he is traveling around the world raising awareness of global warming, head of the Will Steger Foundation.

            Come on people you got to work with me here. I don’t know about you but I’m going to make a stand. Stay tuned to the blurb to see my evasive action against global warming. Hey, you have a good idea, here’s a thought leave me a comment and tell me what I should do to shine light on this growing problem.

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5 Responses to Global Warming is Coming to Get Me!!!

  1. The Hamster says:

    Cool post. CFE is where it should be
    P.S I am REALLY starting to miss your guys podcasts. I am starting to come back less and less

  2. whatchamacallit says:

    What we could do is by a hybrid of some sort.
    What you also probabaly don’t know is that by 2112, there will be an ALL electric car, not part electric like a hybrid. What that car can do is go over 60 mph while still using just electricity, not gas.

  3. King Kong says:

    This is a good thing that Will Steger is doing but have you ever heard of Earth Hour. That is when people from all over the world turn off their lights for at least 60 minutes on March 29.

  4. whatchamacallit says:

    What I meant to say in my recent post is by 2010 a hydro-oxygen powered car will come out. What you should do is see my post on it coming out on April 6th.

  5. cman10000 says:

    well i will agree with you that global warming is a problem because if all the ice melts then some of the states can get floded so i think we should all do somthing about this and some people say that the world is going to end in 2012 what do you think about that
    comment back!

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