Johnny K and the Brits. . .

Edwardboxpic2So we’ve got this strange kid on our team.  We don’t really know what his name is.  Some people call him Johnny K.  Others call him Billy Burrito.  Me…I just call him annoying.

But the dude slings an axe like no one’s business.  Not like a wood choppers axe—I’m pretty sure he couldn’t lift one of those—but one of those new fangled e-lectrick gui-tars.  In fact, he could be one of the best little banjo players in the whole jugband if he tried. 

Only thing is, he don’t play no banjo.  It’s straight up down and dirty amplified music that the city kids probably groove to on those music playin’ iPod gizmos. 

And he’s forming a band called Johnny K and the Brits.  That’s ’cause he hangs out with this British dude.  Only the British kid can’t play no gui-tar.  Instead, he plays a wood block.  Yup.  A wood block.  He’s always shoutin’ out, "Pip, Pip, Cheerio!" when get gets e-lektrified too.  It’s kind of strange. 

Anyway, Johnny K wanted to advertise his musical prowess to all of humanity, so I told him about this little thing called The World Wide Web.  "I reckon it’s the best way to get sounds spread near and far," I said.  "Anyone who has an Inter Net will be able to hear you."

So he whipped up a few tracks and sent them to me in my e-lek-tronik mail account.  Hope you dig ’em:

Johnny K and the Brits Track 1:

Download JK_Song.mp3

Johnny K Goes Freestyle: 

Download JK_Freestyle.mp3

(I like this one the best.  It’s six minutes of freestyle gui-tar playing magic that goes all Patriotic for a minute.  Made me weepy in the eyes.)

So whaddya’ think?  Is Johnny K bound for the big time? 

If you’re interested in having him play y’all’s next family Re-Union, he’s in.  All it takes is a lovely tin of sausages.


Emmett Otter

Image retrieved from on March 24, 2008.


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4 Responses to Johnny K and the Brits. . .

  1. King Kong says:

    I think this is pretty awesome, I’ve known Johnny for a while and I knew he could play the rifts but not this well!

  2. The Hamster says:

    Sounds kind of like Buckethead the guitar player.
    Nice shreding
    The Hamster

  3. TubbyMcTubTub says:

    ROCK ON JOHNNY!!!!!!

  4. sounds pretty cool
    belgian waffle

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