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Make Way for the Hy-Wire!

What is happening in Darfur is bad because of genocide, but we also need to focus on global warming,  and one of the main contributors to global warming is pollution.                                … Continue reading

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Isn’t This a Job for the Crocodile Hunter

The South African village Sahlumbe located in the province of KwaZulu-Natal is demanding that a bridge be built across Tugela River, a crocodile infested river, so the children won’t have to swim across to get to school. Some students at … Continue reading

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Is Heroism about Strength?

I was looking WAY back in the Blurb, and I saw a post called “More on Heroes.” It was pretty cool–but if you didn’t notice it was sexist. Not the author himself, but the dictionary entry he used. Quote, “A … Continue reading

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Old School Fun In Space

This new Japanese theory of launching paper airplanes from space is definitely a new one. After all the Japanese have almost perfected the electric toilet so you know this will be possible. Professor Shinichi Suzuki of the University of Tokyo … Continue reading

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Brisingr is Coming!!!

Hey, do you like the Eragon series? Well Brisingr, the newest book in the series, is coming out in September 20, 2008. What we know is that Eragon will try to find a new weapon in the roots of the … Continue reading

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