Brisingr is Coming!!!

200pxbrisingr Hey, do you like the Eragon series?

Well Brisingr, the newest book in the series, is coming out in September 20, 2008. What we know is that Eragon will try to find a new weapon in the roots of the Menoa tree, that Eragon and Saphira will go back to Ellesmera to complete heir training with the elves, and that Eragon will meet a god. Some people say that the last dragon egg will hatch and that either Roran or Arya will become the next dragon rider. Christopher Paolini says that this will most likely not be the last book and that there will be one more book after Brisingr and that the last book will be called Empire. Here is a sneak preview of ‘Light and Shadow’ , the third chapter in the book.

Priced at $27.50, Brisingr will probably attract many fans across the world, and lots of new money to Paolini’s bank account.  So, for all you Eragon fans, do you think the book will be a good one? Or might it be a rip-off just like the Eragon movie?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.



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2 Responses to Brisingr is Coming!!!

  1. whatchamacallit says:

    What makes it priced at 27.50? What, is it that important or something?
    What you can tell is that I have never read any of the eragon books or watched the movie.(Sorry)

  2. Brisingr says:

    Do you happen to know a place to find more brisingr spoilers?

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